Some questions I have explored:

I have found others writings to be very beneficial although I have come upon most (if not all) of this information by trial and error as well.

What are the method/practices you have explored and what are some of your healing experiences?
Some Notes about Healing

What about cleansing?
An Interesting View

Someone asked about Liver Cleansing:
Here is my reply

What about juice fasting?

Five Week Juice Fast Cure
Juice Therapy
Juice Fasting - Ron Kennedy, M.D. (very helpful advice)

He says no vitamins supplements will be necessary but I've found
that I do much better with some Superfood mixes, especially
Dr. Shultze's (1800HERBDOC).

What about vegetarianism?
An Interesting View

Why is animal meat considered unhealthy and/or counter to the regenerative process?
An Interesting View

What about Thyroid disease, Graves hyper thyroid?

The following if brief, I would suggest Ashtanga Yoga First Series up to the middle and then the finishing poses for a more rounded approach, this can be found here: Ashtanga

 Yoga and the Thyroid: Click Here
2 poses:


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