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Make Money Through Teamwork

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We strongly believe that working as a T.E.A.M (Together Everyone Achieves More) is the right way to follow in order to be successful.

The Money Machine website is a system designed to help you and others achieve financial freedom by working together as a team, helping each other to quickly succeed.

We are affiliated with a well known and established company that has been in the market of Domain Registration and Web-Hosting for over 15 years.

This company is called Global Domains International or GDI.

In 2004, they started a network-marketing business around their initial idea to allow people to continue what they were already doing, by giving them their own domain name, a private branded email addresses, but adding the ability to earn substantial amounts of money.

This company is the sole registrar of all TLD (Top Level Domains) with the .WS extension, and the IDN (International Domain Names) initiative that allows one to register a domain name using their own local language.

The network-marketing business model is a team concept; each member has a personal team and by using The Money Machine it allows s/he to use the power of a bigger team where we all work together towards a common goal; to be freed from financial difficulties.

In network-marketing there are some basic ground rules you need to follow in order to be successful:

  1. You need a product or service that has huge market.
  2. The product or service needs to be something you will use yourself and has value for you.
  3. It needs to be affordable to almost everyone.
  4. The company should be known and in perfect financial situation.

Even if you found all of the above, you need to bring people to the program for them to join. This is where The Money Machine comes into play. The system is designed to distribute the traffic (visitors) that come to the main site to the team and will do so until each member is in profit; after that it will help your own team members achieve the same, which in turn helps you gain more profit. It’s a win/win for everyone involved.

The product/service has much more than just Domain and email, you have a powerful SiteBuilder tool with many ready made templates ready for you to utilize in a click away. You can also have your own WordPress blog, or an image Gallery and more as ready made plugins you can use right away. Check here for more information about what you get.

There are many marketing materials included as well, if you wish to be proactive towards your financial freedom, GDI even pays you for learning the business, only few steps and you’re done :-)

You can find more information about The Money Machine here, there are plenty of informational pages.

You can have everything you want in life, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

The Money Machine Team

Enthusiastic Web Host Seeks Clients that Wish for Happiness

Enthusiastic Web Host Seeks Clients that Wish for Happiness

SimplicityHosting.Com, Inc. - Simply the Best Vegan Web Hosting

SimplicityHosting.Com, Inc. – Simply the Best Web Hosting

As the title suggests SimplicityHosting.Com, Inc. is a enthusiastic web host seeking clients currently unhappy (man, it’s hard to deal with these SEO rules and make things readable, hm) with their web host and would like to have enthusiastic help to get them transferred, we do it all! We can transfer your data and get your sites working optimally.

You may think this is just another shameless plug and in ways it is, however, there are many out there who have been abused by the ho hum attitude of their current web host company. The slow response to tickets, incomplete answers, company wanted to charge for unknown services that will resolve unknown issues basically for no reason.

Then there are the web hosts that play games with their clients like holding domains and registrations (yes, they still exist) or causing trouble with transfers or backup systems. Whereas we will not help you leave our services we do not change anything in the current operation if you decide to leave. We believe the clients domains and data is owned solely by them, and not by us, as such we also encourage clients to independently backup their data as most do in their disaster recovery plans.

Inquire here, best regards!

SimplicityHosting.Com, Inc. - Simply the Best Vegan Web Hosting

SimplicityHosting.Com, Inc. – Simply the Best Web Hosting

Another Happy Vegan Web Host Transfer Story!

The prospective client was having problems at his current host and was looking for a savvy vegan web host to take over his business account.


SimplicityHosting.Com, Inc. - Simply the Best Vegan Web Hosting

SimplicityHosting.Com, Inc. – Simply the Best Web Hosting


It has certainly been a long time since I wrote anything on this blog site. We have been busy dealing with clients and infrastructure upgrades and so forth, though important, blogging must always be treated as a secondary activity, especially with my apparent lack of skill in it (I never seem to be able to get everything down that I want to, there always seems to be so much more to write about and never sure how to organize it so it is easy to read and understand or entertaining enough). Anyway here is an attempt to tell the story of a prospective client that was looking for a vegan web host to replace his current web host with which he was having technical issues.

Just recently, however, we received an email from a prospective client who has had troubles with his websites crashing his web hosts’ servers. He stated he only had about 10GB of space and a small amount of monthly hits, I wasn’t sure what to make of the situation but I knew this client definitely should not be on shared server space.  So I suggested a VM/VPS root server where he had total control and we would assist or do the migration. This server would also be equipped with WHM/cPanel for easy site, user and email management. I neglected to ask the client why, however, he was looking for a vegan web host.

There was an issue with transferring of backups and at some point the original host which had been paid for and not cancelled was having downtime on their system and/or control panel. However the client was able to get the files to us through a file transfer service it was actually WeTransfer.Com in case there are others with similar issues. Just a small tech note on WeTransfer.Com, there is a python script available that allows one to grab WeTransfer.Com files at the normal download URL directly from the server, very handy, available through GitHub here:

Once we received the files it was 10-15 minutes before we had them restored and all the sites operable, of course there were a few tweaks we had to do on the back end to make things work (one mysql database did not transfer, one joomla site needed an adjustment to .htaccess to function again, and we needed to add an SSL cert to the server on a domain so Apple Mac Mail would function nicely, I still use Thunderbird with self-signed SSL certs which works just fine after the cert is “accepted”).  I believe our pace at resolving issues could be classified as ferocious in contrast to the current web hosting industry that I would call sleepy at best. Later, when asked, the client said he found us by doing a search on vegan web host companies. I thought “that is so cool”!

So another happy story where a client was having issues and we gained a client and was able to resolve the issues effectively.  We are certainly glad this client chose SimplicityHosting.Com, Inc. to be his web hosting partner.

SimplicityHosting.Com, Inc. - Simply the Best Vegan Web Hosting
SimplicityHosting.Com, Inc. – Simply the Best Web Hosting

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