I destroy Yoga!

The other evening, way late, I ate a bunch of cashew nuts. The next morning I woke up early and decided to post the entire Hatha Yoga Pradipika into my blog site. I came across this passage from Chapter One:

15. Yoga is destroyed by the following six causes:– Over-eating, exertion, talkativeness, adhering to rules, i.e., cold bath in the morning, eating at night, or eating fruits only, company of men, and unsteadiness.

So I concluded that by eating at night I had destroyed Yoga. Of course I could argue that over-eating may have been the cause, or that now I am destroying yoga by talkativeness, you may choose. I surely hope Yoga will reconstruct by the time I practice again! 🙂

I need to be first vs. Timing is Everything

Many people think that if they get in a Network Marketing organization first it guarantees their success, or adversely if they are not first they cannot be successful, nothing is further from the truth. The only thing that makes one successful is what is built beginning with that individual. In Usana my upline has been the #1 income earner in the whole company for many years, when he got in there were 50,000 Distributors that got in before him, he beat them all! Now, in my small (but growing) organization, I see at least 5 people making more income then I do, time to catch up!

If you are interested in what I do please explore!

ps – One man I know keeps stalling to build the business because he needs to be the first in his country, it just so happens the opportunity is very fresh in his particular country and if he has the clout he has said he does then he could potentially dominate that market and others…somebody please tell him!

What is Yoga?

Today I find it “responsible” to make sure to publish the Hatha Yoga Pradipika in an attempt to truthfully answer the “what is Yoga” question, as many will just say any thing that comes to mind the old texts seem to have a lot more substance and no short answers. For your educational and viewing pleasure:

  1. http://ccsales.com/wpblog/2010/07/30/the-hatha-yoga-pradipika-chapter-one-on-asanas/
  2. http://ccsales.com/wpblog/2010/07/30/the-hatha-yoga-pradipika-chapter-two-on-pranayama/
  3. http://ccsales.com/wpblog/2010/07/30/the-hatha-yoga-pradipika-chapter-three-on-mudras/
  4. http://ccsales.com/wpblog/2010/07/30/the-hatha-yoga-pradipika-chapter-four-on-samadhi/