Project Fit with Joel Comm – Day #3

Day 3 went pretty much like day 2, except instead of working abs at the gym I worked upper body, so 30 minutes elliptical, heart rate up, 2.61 miles, with 5 minute cool down and stretches and then upper body routine (pull ups, lifts, some free weights). I sweat a lot in the cardio workout.

Project Fit with Joel Comm – Day #2

Well last night I didn’t eat after 7pm. Did my “normal” Yoga practice this morning and will try to hit the gym for cardio and ab crunches tonight.

I posted that on the Project Fit Facebook page. As well I had posted this previously that day:

“Ok, I keep my heart rate up around 45 minutes (or more) in the morning during Yoga practice, and I eat vegetarian and medium / small portions. Continuing this activity keep me basically at the same weight. So I believe (but not sure) if I a…) Add another cardio routine (25 minutes) and b) A general exercise session (abs, chest, legs) and c) Do not eat after 7pm at least 5 evenings per week, I might be able to affect my weight. Anyone out there have any experience with this? I was around 220 when I started doing Yoga 10 years ago and the weight dropped to around 180 within 6-9 months and has been there since.”

So I ate a snack at 7pm and then went to the gym with my business partner around 8:30pm. Did cardio on the Precor 546i elliptical machine for 30 minutes with 5 minute cool down. Covered 2.51 miles, very sweaty. Then I went for some leg stretches and ab crunch routine (reps, medium/low weight), hit the situp incline and did floor stretches. Was hungry afterwards but managed to not eat, though I did have a Usana based smoothie (Nutrimeal and Fibergy Plus) with some blueberries and strawberries in it. Now up early to go to Yoga, some stiffness to work out as usual, will post later.

Project Fit with Joel Comm – Day #1

I am taking the Project Fit challenge with Joel Comm, sounds like a good idea, have been pondering it for quite some time, not sure how to go about it yet. I think doing an extra cardio (elliptical machine) routine and abs and/or other crunches 3+ nights per week plus not eating after 7pm for a while should do the trick. Here are some before (now) pictures for Day #1:

Note for the record that though I consider myself to have sedentary lifestyle I do a strenuous Yoga practice daily (except Saturday and 2 moon days per month). Headstand and many other things are no problem. Just sit behind the computer a lot during the day, perhaps I need to change that at this time as well?!