Credit Card Debt – How much should you really be paying the credit card companies

Credit Card Debt: Many think they need to keep a balance, pay interest, and make those minimum payments, it is an industry lie that keeps people enslaved and financially stupid. These guys are getting rich and hurting people at the same time. Where can you get a $10/mo return on a $1000 investment? That is what these guys make, on the average, from the consumer, while the going passive earning rate for cash is around $1.27 per $1000 invested per month! PS – I am now at zero owed as of today! This is the third and hopefully last time, just need to use it on immediate spending items that can all be paid by the due date. Anything over that should be considered a budgeting issue. There is a bit more to say on this, though a simple internet search gives much food for thought…peace out.

PS – It also helps to increase your income by running a part time (not spare time) business that you can start for little capital investment (under $1000) and run for minimum expense (less then $500/mo) and leverage yourself at the same time. If you want to know what I do check in here. Be well.

Project Fit with Joel Comm – Day #8 – 20

Project Fit with Joel Comm – Day #8 – 20

Just clicking in to touch bases as I did not update for a long time due to many Jewish 2-day holidays back to back in the last month. Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Sukkos, Simchas Torah though joyous tend to take one out of the routine for quite some time. During this time I kept up with my regular yoga practice (other then the holy days) and not eating after 7pm. I did splurge on pizza a few times and a few other pasta and noodle dishes that seemed to make me heavy.

So now I have been on a juice / supplement fast since Sunday (today is Day 2) and I believe I will continue it until Wednesday and then ease myself back for a few days on the Usana RESET program. I weighed in today at 76lbs, which is 4lbs lighter then when I started on Day 1, so I am happy about that though most weight lossed in a juice fast is usually gained back once you begin to eat again, depending on how you do it. I need to make sure I keep up energy to get back to the gym this week as that suffered during the Holidays.