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As promised, a day before the first payment is due me, I am posting an update/snapshot of the data at This data is real and it is mine, I don’t think I will be posting any more of these as this gives a great overview to someone who has not yet invested as I intended to do, and that stops right there. Be well:


Notes – Issued & Current:

Be well all!

The Karma of Passive Residual Income – What you (ye) sow, that shall you (ye) reap!

The Karma of Passive Residual Income – What you (ye) sow, that shall you (ye) reap!

The parable of the sower has been used in many sermons about why prosperity is preferred. They have even gone on to equate it with being Divine! The poor people I have met seem quick to agree to this point, at least most of them, which I found shocking at first since we are to believe all creatures are where they are supposed to be in life and progress. Of course that offers little push for motivation so somehow that must be factored in, right?!

Here are my thoughts about my current sowing, right now, today:

Semi-passive Residual Earnings is the only way to go, most people never think about it, even $12/year, $120/year or more makes a difference.

The difference that is made by residual income is equal to the current buying power of the earnings. If the buying power is one coffee then that is the difference.

It is not common to put ones focus on moving forward with your Passive Residual Earnings position over time. When I have spoken with others about it they usually either stare into oblivion or say things like “why bother” and “why would you want to spend your life doing that” and so forth. I now understand these common deterrents to this issue and the misconceptions and so on…

I also understand the joy received by earning a coffee, a doughnut, or a bagel or sandwich through passive residual, as I have (and most have not). I have decided to dedicate a portion of my time, daily, to concentrate and make sure my goals are aligned in this way. Around 3 years back I gave up on the notion for a number of reasons:

1. I wanted to live a simple life just earning what is necessary to get by.

2. I didn’t want to be bothered with the concepts and the drive.

3. I could not relate to people that could not relate to it and I continually had a problem dealing with that, I gave in!

4. I was earning enough to get by so why worry about it?

So I gave up on my goal, cashed it in, threw in the towel…for a spell! Recently, after looking at things again and revisiting the study about money (goal). I read The Book again, and I understand that anyone earning money on a regular basis is flagrant if they do not dedicate a small portion (at least 10%) to the above goal. It is in the nature of money to do this. If you continually break the nature of money in your life how can you expect for it not to always retaliate and rule over you??!

A man cannot have two masters, right? So either you are your own master and master of your particulars or money becomes your master. People think if you concentrate on things like making money and residual income that your master is the money, wrong! It is just another area for you to master. Besides it is the love of money, not the joy of earning that has been said to be the root of all evil. We must a) Understand the value of the money, b) Respect its place and c) Gain the necessary Mastery and d) Fit it into its appropriate slot.

After that it becomes a constant daily practice. There are many things in life most people will agree should be practiced on a regular (daily) basis:

1. Spiritual Orientation – prayer, meditation and other such practices

2. Physical Fitness – yes

3. Healthy Living – good and correct foods and avoiding harmful substances, yes?!

4. The Moral Cleanliness – um, yes?!

…and so forth.

But when you break it down, really look at things, like exercise, there are few people that actually do them regularly. Yet they can watch it on TV every day and appreciate the way the idols of society look, why???! Why is not the question any more! The answer, however, is one must look into and weigh and measure progress and have ambition and motivation to better ones mastery of these things, and money is part of that equation.

Enough for now! Be well all.