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Some folk say “timing is everything”. However there seem to be more then one perspective on what the perfect timing is. To some it is when a company reaches its momentum stage. To others it is to be in the very first batch of representatives, associates or distributors to enter a marketing venture, pre – launch! As I give this some thought what I believe about timing may include some of these elements, however, may be far from them in actual practice!

I have seen people of great resources (excellent business skills and contacts already formed) join a Network Marketing company and not be successful, for a few reasons:

1. They were already comfortable in what they were doing so they were not really interested in doing something else.

2. They were already successful in what they were doing to the extent they had not drive to excel any further.

3. They (mostly for the above reasons) would not take the time to learn the business as a business and apply that knowledge.

I used to scratch my head and wonder why, Why, WHY???! But now I believe it is simply an issue of timing: It is not the right timing in that individuals life at that particular time to set to the task at hand. I know, sometimes it hurts, however, I would like to practice having absolutely no judgement about this, in order to save my own time, as I believe the time is right in MY life to set to the task!

Some people joined the wrong team or the wrong company and did not get passed a decent training or support for the successful operation of their business! This is quite unfortunate, I have always been involved with companies that were in the higher percentile for success in the industry, however, at times I have found certain individuals in a leadership capacity that are simply unwilling to train and/or support their organizations in a detailed, hands on manner. Mostly, this is due to a common misconception about how Network Marketing works, that you get in at the top, get some good guys in and just sit and let it grow, unfortunately I did see one guy do that successfully, and it has hurt my head since, but over 25 years I only saw one! I heard of others, but every story I investigated the actual practice was way different then the publicized story!

I want to run my organization with a slave leadership mentality. I want newbies that join to understand we have them in mind for our training strategy and I want leaders that join to understand we want to work well and hard to support our new representatives and leaders for their optimal growth. Unlock our true potential!

As for timing in the Health and Wellness industry I believe timing could not be better! Now (at least since industrialization) has always been the best time to do a Health and Wellness business and now even better due to economic spending patterns and ecological issues that our planet faces as population increases.

You must evaluate if your timing is right. A good way to do that is to look at the following:

1. Are you happy making the amount of income you make right now?

2. If you continue the way you have continued for the next 10 years as you have the past 10 years will you be pleased with the outcome?

3. Are you able to provide everything you need or want for you and your family at this time?

There are some that are ok at this time, however, if they could do a bit more with a minimal effort (2-4 hrs/wk consistently) it would make a large difference in their life both in personal development and financially. This could be an indicator that the timing in their life is now for a part time Network Marketing business.

There are some with great skills that are at the top of their game (career) and really would not know what to do with yet more income, however, due to various circumstances they are not pleased entirely with the direction of their current venture: The time could not be better for them to take a look and see about making a plan to change that pattern.

And then there are some where for many many reasons it is simply not the right time. There may be many convincing things. The opportunity, the management, the potential for income, the potential to run a business without having the need for employees, payroll taxes and inventory in a warehouse. But the the timing is not right for them, that is ok, I want to assure you I respect that position and always will, even if it means not doing business with you this time around.

There are some who are tired of being tired. Fed up with being fed up and you know that now is the time, you should consider joining the right team and the right time in the right place! If you are willing to turn your anger toward dreams and soar then let’s get it started!

There are others who read this and appreciate this sort of team with this sort of leadership and the slave leadership mentality and want to join in and be part of the action because they know a) It is the way to great success, b) It is a great way of life expression and c) They simply do not want this opportunity to pass at this time. So let’s be in touch and get started!

If for any reason you would like to pursue this further I invite you. Fill out the form on this page:


Ariix Product Brochure


The following is a quickly adapted version of the original Ariix Product Brochure pdf which may be downloaded here. As usual any comments/questions welcome and / or register with us in the Contact Us form on the lower right of this page.

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The more we learn about how our bodies work,
the more we understand how critical it is to support them with proper nutrition. But unfortunately, many of the nutrients our bodies need may be difficult to obtain through diet alone, no matter how conscientious we are.
Without the right nutrients, our bodies cannot
grow, heal, or generate healthy new cells at optimal levels. We are also much more susceptible to degenerative diseases such as cancer, heart disease, osteoarthritis, and many others.
On the other hand, when we are supporting
our bodies with the right nutrients, they
are better able to function at their peak, and
that is where ARIIX comes in. The ARIIX products are designed to work together to provide your body with the chemical building blocks it needs to work efficiently, starting at the cellular
level. We are confident that our high-quality
nutritional supplements will help our customers
live happier, healthier, and longer lives.


Our name, ARIIX, comes from the Latin root for
the word ‘GOLD’. We chose this basis for our
name because we strive to be the gold standard
against which all other health products are
judged. Therefore, we are dedicated to achieving the highest possible quality in our products. Before any of our supplements earn the ARIIX name, each one must be carefully examined and proven to exceed industry standards – and to exceed even our own expectations for excellence.
We promise that all ARIIX products contain the identity and quantity of ingredients listed on the label and that each is free of any undeclared contaminants. We manufacture all of our products in a local, pharmaceutical-grade facility that is GMP compliant, FDA-OTC certified,
and NSF certified. At ARIIX, we have promised you the best, and we plan to deliver.

Please open this file to view the PDF Brochure and the Product Details.


ARIIX Pre-Launch, July 2011

ARIIX in Pre-Launch, Projected Launch Date of July 1*, 2011!!! LAUNCHED ALREADY JOIN BOTTOM PAGE!**

ARIIX Ground Level Opportunity NOW Available!

ARIIX is set to launch during the month of July in U.S. and Hong Kong. If you ever wanted to own your own business or make a change in network marketing…Now’s the Time! For more detailed information please fill in the Contact Us form on this page (lower right side).

The most important thing I can say is that you owe it to yourself to see ARIIX’s Activ8 Compensation Plan. IT’S UNREAL! From the base commission to the Matching Bonus, you earn 15% of everyone you personally sponsor for LIFE, plus 10% on generation 2 and 5% on generations 3-7. Max an Income Position…You Earn an ARIIX BONUS. Max a Payline…You Earn an ARIIX BONUS (plus a re-entry position).

ARIIX has a Huge Vision for the future of their company and has over 45 years of management experience in the Network Marketing Industry.

  • Great Vision and Management Team in it for the Long Run…CHECK
  • Great Line of Products with More on the Way that People Need…CHECK
  • AMAZING Compensation Plan that Pays Well…CHECK
  • Join An Experienced Team that Will Help you Build Your Business…CHECK


*Launch Date delayed to July 5 due to 4th of July weekend though Mark Wilson reportedly wanted to launch prior, he seems very lively, it seems his inner potential fire has been rekindled!

**Launch Date further delayed to July 11-18 due to systems testing, please stand by while they make the system perfect and minimize glitches!