ARIIX Member “Bill of Rights”

ARIIX Member “Bill of Rights”

ARIIX Member “Bill of Rights”

ARIIX is founded on living by the principles of trust, integrity, abundance, and not to be missed . fun I Before formulating the most effective health products on the market, before designing a revolutionary new compensation plan you’re going to love, and long before our founders ever thought about what was in it for them, we defined Our Promise to our Partners.

“We promise to always put the welfare of our Reps and their customers before anyone or anything, Our 100% Potency Guarantee, Pharmaceutical Grade Quality, and commitment to collaborative research among the world’s leading scientists will assure you state of the art products and services. Your complete trust will be our reward as we build your future together in the next generation of leveraged wealth creation. Our measure of success will not be found in the company balance sheet, but in the number of families we enrich and in our contribution to the happy, healthy, and long lives of our partners.”
– Dr. Fred Cooper, CEO, Founder

To guarantee you the rights and privileges of operating your own residual based business through one of the most innovative opportunities available to any entrepreneur in the world, we decided to clearly define what you should expect from your new business partner. Let’s return to those four words that define ARIIX.


Partnerships should only be entered into with a 100% expectation of trust between all parties. Nothing else matters if we don’t earn and keep each other’s trust! And because we expect the same from you, we’ ll hold each other to these standards and enjoy an amazing relationship together.


At ARIIX, we have made a serious commitment to act with integrity in business. That means always striving to do the right thing and to do everything possible to facilitate our members’ success.


There’s more than enough for everyone! While generosity may sound like a simple enough concept, sadly we’ve found that with a little success, greed often overrules generosity. That is why we have set a goal from the very beginning to make sure EVERYONE in our organization has the opportunity to enjoy life by realizing their dreams, improving their health, and creating wealth. The greater our success as a company, the more we will reward our members.


And finally, having fun while we enjoy success together on this entrepreneurial journey is a must! Our goal is to make sure that you know how much we care not just by our words, but by our actions. We also have come to understand that fun is, and should be, defined by you! Our desire will be to help you determine what you’re passionate about, develop a plan of action, and promise to do everything possible to make sure this is the best opportunity you’ve ever seen.

1- Right to a Partners Council

Each year, our top producing Representatives will select among their leaders a Partners Council to represent their interests and work with the company as a field representative group, making suggestions and recommendations for the improvement and viability of the company.

2- Right to Share in Profits

ARIIX will share its profits with those Representatives who are instrumental in helping us build the company. Unlike most other companies where the owners end up with all the profits, we’ve designed a Profit Sharing Program to include and reward our leaders.

3-Right to True Ownership and Protection

In cases of alleged business compliance violations, we believe that the company should not be judge and jury. While it will be necessary for the company to protect the opportunity for all Representatives, their families, and their future, we allow the right to appeal compliance decisions by an independent committee of their peers in serious or potential
cancellation decisions.

4- Right to Review Compensation Plan Changes

Our goal to remain the most rewarding compensation plan in the industry will require regular reviews and improvements for its Representatives. Any potential Compensation Plan changes will be reviewed with the Partner Council and seek their feedback prior to implementation.

5- Right to Be Our Experts

Anytime you desire excellence, you seek out the expert. No one understands the needs of this business better than those in the trenches building the business. That’s why our commitment in matters of Marketing, Sales Tools, and Prospecting is the right of our Leaders in the field. Any person will have the right to submit proven methods to the Partner Council and Home Office as we believe that you are the true experts.

6- Loyalty Chip- Mulligan’s

Understanding how much time and effort it takes to create a strong and thriving business, we realize that everyone who’s building a business occasionally needs special consideration, a Do-Over/Mulligan.

7- Right to Explanation and Reasonable Notice

You have the right to reasonable notice of business impact changes and the right to ask for explanations on decisions impacting your business, including an audience with company management if necessary.

8- Right to Share in the Fun and Incentives

In most companies, you see the corporate owners driving the exotic cars, flying in private planes, owning vacation homes, and purchasing their own yachts! And that can hurt when you know that their luxurious lifestyle is in part the result of YOUR hard work. At ARIIX, we certainly plan on enjoying these kinds of perks, but the crucial difference is that we
believe in sharing! ARIIX Representatives will have the right to use, enjoy, and utilize these business tools as true partners.

9- Right to Help Us Think Up What’s Next

Because we recognize you as our true partner, we want to hear what YOU think! We realize that over the years the company will change, new opportunities will arise, and our customers will require us to think in completely new and innovative ways to remain the leader. The collaborative power of MANY will always prevail over that of the FEW!


ARIIX Activ8 Compensation Plan

ARIIX Activ8 Compensation Plan

ARIIX offers the Activ8 Compensation Plan as the most powerful tool in the industry today to help bring the potential of real residual, long term income into the lives of ARIIX Agents. Combined with our unmatched product line, the ARIIX compensation plan provides the means for you to enjoy the health, culture, and the lifestyle you deserve. By taking advantage of the numerous benefits contained in the Activ8 Compensation plan, you’ll have the opportunity to take the kind of trips you’ve always dreamed of, drive the cars you’ve wished you could afford, or simply achieve the financial independence we all desire. And by using the products in the ARIIX line, you’ll be able to enjoy your new lifestyle as a healthier, more active and happier you.

With our uniquely developed compensation plan, you are able to earn as little or as much as you would like from the following opportunities:

  • Retail Profit
  • Base Commissions (with unlimited potential)
  • Team Lead Bonus
  • Matching Bonus
  • Payline Bonus
  • Income Position Bonus
  • Luxury Car Bonus

To make the ARIIX Activ8 Compensation plan unmatched, all bonuses that you are eligible for can be doubled through the revolutionary IIX Membership Bonus program.

The ARIIX Activ8 Compensation Plan is a uniquely developed structure designed to allow the exclusive ability for unlimited width (which will increase your profitability) and unlimited depth (to give you long term stability) – resulting in the potential for a literally unmatched level wealth. By participating in the Activ8 Compensation Plan you will have access to a tool that can make your dreams a reality.

The Activ8 Compensation Plan is a revolutionary system, which allows for truly unmatched potential for long-term residual wealth. Designed from its very inception to create real opportunity, the Activ8 Compensation Plan identifies and overcomes the industry’s most prevalent concerns and creates an incomparable culture, lifestyle, and income potential.

Download Ariix Compensation Plan Brochure Here:

Ariix Comp Plan Brochure (front) / Ariix Comp Plan Brochure (back)

With the Ariix Activ8 Compensation Plan there is literally no limit to how much an Ariix Representative can make! Please request a complete plan and Getting Started Guide using the form on this page. Your personal information will not be added to any list or sold by us…ever! Of course if you wish to register with us or subscribe to threads you may do so.

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