Usana Health Sciences – Please accept my resignation as Associate!

Usana Health Sciences – Please accept my resignation as Associate!

It is my pleasure at this point to present my resignation email with complete headers so all can see. I consider it a travesty to the Network Marketing industry to treat people the way Usana has began to in the past few months (even before the upper management guys stepped down) and people should really know about this and start to act accordingly!

Here it is:


Duke Tubtim Terminated by Usana over Ariix Participation – A must read!

I am just going to copy this verbatim as it is self explanatory:

Can you believe that Usana terminated Duke Tubtim?! I can no longer be mentored by him in Usana!  This is what I found out…He was trying to work things out and they terminated him anyways. I could not believe that he got terminated and I asked him: “how did you reply to USANA?”


Here is the letter he showed me.


Dear Mr. Bramble,


In regards to the conversation we had earlier, you mentioned that policy 3.6 was breached. In that conversation, you referred to a meeting that I recently attended. Regarding your above mentioned breached, I had no intent to breach the policies. The individuals you mentioned are independent business owners who have evaluated and have done their own research. On their own free will, they spoke to Mark and Fred directly over the weeks and concluded on their own what they felt was in their better interest. For myself, I made it very clear that we have no intent to solicit Usana members and will not be practicing in those activities. I find it very ironic because I still continue to promote Usana products, and just recently convinced the top person in my “chicken list” to be a preferred customer in Usana. And now as my account is frozen, I am not able to enter her.


To my understanding, there are product lines that Usana carries that Ariix has shown no intent to compete with. So many people have expressed being able to build in both companies due to that reason. If Usana feels that Ariix is in such direct competition that we cannot promote both, then it will give many no choice (including myself) to stop promoting and getting customers for Usana, if the decision is made to build in Ariix. Ariix has expressed that they do not mind if someone also distributes for Usana. From my understanding there is nothing in the policies that states you cannot be in a company that is considered too closely related to Usana. I have made it very clear publically that if people are to build in Ariix, then we will not be soliciting to Usana members.


All of my leaders who have considered joining Ariix are people that have inquired directly to Mark and Fred. Otherwise, everyone else that is actively building Usana can vouch that I am not soliciting him or her about the Ariix opportunity, including many of my own Diamond Directors (many of which I have known and worked with prior to Usana). For the individual that came forward with a recording, they should know very well that they were uninvited. In addition, the recording should have had me mentioning not to solicit to Usana members.


I am aware that in building another company, Usana bonuses will not be attainable and dlm will be turned off. Knowing that, I made sure that my business practices respected the rules in the policies. Even in qualifying to attend an Ariix event/function, soliciting to current Usana individuals will lead to a disqualification in attending their event. Whoever recorded me should have known that first hand.


In all of this, what troubles me most is how I feel discriminated against. Since 2004, I have had people do much worse to my organization over the years and Usana did nothing about it. I find it ironic where one of my previous leaders joined Monavie (which was started by Dallin Larsen, an ex-Usana Corporate staff) and then raided and even traveled directly to my leaders, defaming Usana and it’s associates in hopes of recruiting them. I saw my organization get raided, as Usana did nothing about it. On top of that, that person was still receiving Usana commissions as they were performing this act. In the end, that person recently returned and was one of the main speakers at the Healthy Home Revisited Event in Long Beach. I cannot help but feel an unfair treatment. Then I find out what happened to Lynn Allen Johnson. For her to just hear another opportunity over the phone with her family, and then hearing the actions that Usana took against her afterwards definitely troubles me.


As it stands, I have still been promoting Usana and have been actively getting customers. I am aware that in the policies, someone can be actively building in two companies. I, as well as many others, have been promoting the Usana product lines that Ariix has shown no interest to compete in. If Usana is stating that a choice needs to be made where we cannot promote two companies, then it will put many people in an awkward position. Ariix has expressed that we can promote both. If Usana does not feel the same, I could imagine the decision many could make due to that.


While I explore opportunities now and in the future, can you please give me exact clarity on how an individual can build in multiple companies without the alleged policy violation? I have worked very hard for many years to build a customer base, as well as building many leaders for Usana. As you know, I am not new to the industry; even when joining Usana, many teammates decided to come with me. According to the policies, I understand that I will no longer be qualified for elite bonus or leadership pay when I enroll in Ariix. I look forward to your written response in regards to moving forward in a positive manner.


Best Regards,

Duke Tubtim



It is hard for me to understand why Usana would send a termination letter to Duke 6hrs after he was trying to work things out, considering that he has devoted 7 years of his life representing this company and bringing Usana a lot of profit! How does it make sense that in 6hrs you can decide the future of someone that helped build this company?


I spent most of my time in this company being mentored by him.  And I believe Duke had many leaders that learned to be financially independent through his mentorship! What is the future of these leaders without Duke? It upsets me that by terminating him, I feel this company will be doing more damage to itself in a long run.


Duke is irreplaceable!



Tim Sales has Joined Ariix – Now I can no longer hold a grudge!

Tim Sales Headshot
Tim Sales Headshot

The following starts as an article but just ends up being some notes I took from a conference call as I don’t have time now due to demands by prospects on the pending opportunity however I want to make sure I get this information out in a timely manner:

I really got tired of hearing about Tim Sales’ advice to cleanup the Network Marketing industry! The main reasons were a) I remember Tim Sales from a few NuSkin meetings way back in the day, he was electrifying and amazing and then he dropped out… and b) The playing field had changed so many times since he “retired” that I just thought it was not practical to follow any of these guys who taught but did not run the business, after all who should one look up to and take advice from? The guy who is selling a book and a speaking engagement or the guy who runs a successful Marketing Organization and is making his money from it? So I chose Bob Schmidt as my personal Network Marketing guru and I use his words wherever I go, even after his passing…

I am not saying I do not approve of or even enjoy Professional Inviter and the other Tim Sales products. They are truly great, especially for those who are struggling to find their way in the beginning. I will always love Brilliant Compensation and the whole line! And now that Tim Sales is actively involved I am sure the items he produces can only improve.

I just want to state that I also get tired of these guys who were “bland” in terms of their orientation. Because they had speaking engagements and/or “secret” arrangements with certain companies (it is so obvious guys, come on!). So they could never mention the name of the company they were involved with, and all that other information that was “hidden” in the speeches.

So now I can give that up, especially in the case of Tim Sales, and it looks like I will be his downline…very soon!

Why did Tim Sales join a Network Marketing company as a representative?

Why did Tim Sales not join a Network Marketing company as a principal or silent investor?

What are Tim Sales’ reasons for joining Ariix, and not one of the other companies that he knows and has grown to love?

I heard his reasons in a recent webcast and I find them quite interesting, there are 4 reasons Tim Sales stated that he joined Ariix:

1. Will the company go long term?

He said that People build companies and lead tracks whether they are successful or not. And that he believed Ariix will definitely go long term for the following reasons:

Management of Inventory – Company must be able to guess somehow how much the leaders are going to sell of product. The leaders of Ariix have enough combined experience in practically running Network Marketing Companies that they are able to do this and excel.
Management of Leaders – Corporate sometimes gets greedy because they forget who brought in the initial sales. The Ariix Bill of Rights is one mechanism to protect from Corporate greed of this sort, I must add they would also do good to remember that many experts have always said that making many major changes to compensation plans usually leads to a company downfall.

2. Will the product sell outside the network?

If customers don’t want the product, or if it’s poorly priced or
packaged within 3 yrs you will hear of saturation in relation to marketing the company/product.
If only representitives are consuming the products
then there can be a good initial run and volume however, there will be stagnation in the sales efforts over time. Ariix has a solid product that consumers need at a reasonable price.

Categories – How many people are purchasing those types
of products today and how many will be purchasing them in
the future. Fred, Mark, Riley and Brent.

3. Will I be rewarded for my efforts?

Room to get customers and reward for getting customers – when there is
no real retail markup it is not a good thing. People that sell should make
money for their efforts. Retail customers legitimizes the opportunity.

4. Will the training produce a successful representitive?

I have to ensure the people I bring into the business can be successful with the training. I believe Tim Sales will give special attention to that and develop original methods that work and also integrate already proven methods in his current product line. I believe the rubber really hits the road when you name and reputation is involved in a company personally.

Ariix affords its representatives certain Rights:

Partners Councel
Share in Profits
Review Comp Plan Changes
Be Our Experts – Ariix will never have a Marketing Department
Loyalty Chips, Do Over Mulligans
Right to Good Notice and Explanation
Right to Share in the Fun and Incentives
Right to Help Us Think “What’s Next?”

Developing your why:

Why are you doing this? What is going to compel you and how can we
help you to to achieve this in your business? We all have different whys
and passions in life.

Work through obstacles and get to the beautiful view at the top.

Helping people change their mindset from Employee to Entrepeneur.

Active8 Compensation Plan
Get rid of all the rules out there that we don’t like and retain the best qualities of each compensation plan.