My thoughts about Network Marketing, Web Hosting, Music, Yoga, and other subjects. The industry, products, specific companies and my own Network Marketing business. I would like to state these Categories should NOT be neutral. There is already so much neutrality out there. The purpose of this blog is to build my organization and support it which means more sales, volume, people and everything else, no holds barred. In addition, I would like to make sure I capture some major thoughts, categorize them, and be able to refer to them in the future.

I would also like to point out, here is as good enough a place, initially I did not want to have any ads or sponsors or anything to do with business, just pure information for information sake. I did not want to pay homage to the big Google (or any other entity for that matter) and their material reign over web space! But then I realized I do want my pages and content found in the search engines. Search engines are a business, they get fed by advertising revenue and of course they spawn other businesses and models as they are a business. So it would seem hypocritical of me to use their service and not partake of the finer things in life (being able to capitalize a site, like this one, for example). So I added the Google ads and the tracking mechanisms and away we went, and glad I did as they seem to reciprocate a lot of relevant traffic and my users tend to agree (I know there are some with ad blockers and so forth, even some are friends, but as I have pointed out to them they are not really seeing my pages as they were intended to be seen, whether or not they act on the information presented). Thank you for my indulgence!

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  1. Hello this is Gabriel, director of compliance here at Ariix …. I’m writing in regards to a post about Lynn Allen Johnson, it Has been over 5 years since Lynn has removed herself from Usana, and as she moves forward with Ariix, the article though positive and favorable to her position and reason for leaving Usana, often creates a great deal of questions unrelated to her business currently… I ask if the article can be removed, thank you so much

  2. Yes, Gabriel, thank you for your visit. It is all related to current business. Please provide some of the unrelated questions, thanks!

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