ARIIX Pre-Launch, July 2011

ARIIX in Pre-Launch, Projected Launch Date of July 1*, 2011!!! LAUNCHED ALREADY JOIN BOTTOM PAGE!**

ARIIX Ground Level Opportunity NOW Available!

ARIIX is set to launch during the month of July in U.S. and Hong Kong. If you ever wanted to own your own business or make a change in network marketing…Now’s the Time! For more detailed information please fill in the Contact Us form on this page (lower right side).

The most important thing I can say is that you owe it to yourself to see ARIIX’s Activ8 Compensation Plan. IT’S UNREAL! From the base commission to the Matching Bonus, you earn 15% of everyone you personally sponsor for LIFE, plus 10% on generation 2 and 5% on generations 3-7. Max an Income Position…You Earn an ARIIX BONUS. Max a Payline…You Earn an ARIIX BONUS (plus a re-entry position).

ARIIX has a Huge Vision for the future of their company and has over 45 years of management experience in the Network Marketing Industry.

  • Great Vision and Management Team in it for the Long Run…CHECK
  • Great Line of Products with More on the Way that People Need…CHECK
  • AMAZING Compensation Plan that Pays Well…CHECK
  • Join An Experienced Team that Will Help you Build Your Business…CHECK


*Launch Date delayed to July 5 due to 4th of July weekend though Mark Wilson reportedly wanted to launch prior, he seems very lively, it seems his inner potential fire has been rekindled!

**Launch Date further delayed to July 11-18 due to systems testing, please stand by while they make the system perfect and minimize glitches!

6 thoughts on “ARIIX Pre-Launch, July 2011”

  1. Sounds interesting. Can you email me a presentation? Also, maybe tell me more about the science behind the products.

  2. No LEGITAMATE third party testing, “smoke and mirrors” presentation, the compensation plan % was just decreased AGAIN, the startup date was delayed numerous times, NONE of their product is produced in-house, they have created “claims” of being better than their top competitor…but no proof, their supplements require you saw off one arm. Really? This has little to no chance of success and will be a joke in 5 years.

  3. No clue, and cannot spell! Doesn’t seem like even the first rung of the comp plan could EVER apply to you?!
    Come prove me wrong, product is shipping already, and will most likely be shipping in 5+ years as well, and
    what will YOU be doing with your life?!

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