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Sirius XM will not quit! – SIRI
I bought SIRI years ago because this nutty guy was running around our community screaming at people to buy it. The shares I own now are almost zero cost or perhaps sub zero because I cashed out a few times, I thought I was going to sell it recently but when I looked at things they just won’t quit. They just started putting them in used cars, for example, and it doubled their market penetration! And I still think radio is boring…!
The moral of the story? Find that nutty guy and buy a position in whatever he is screaming about today!

UPDATE: I think in order to be less vague and give readers more inspiration I should give the real data on SIRI, however, I do not want to get in trouble for disclosure as it might be considered advice. I see all these guys with disclosures about their postings are only for inspiration and not intended for advice and so forth but how does that change the message? Actually I was going to disclose the numbers here but will not just suffice it to say my portfolio shows a 1363.99% gain (not realized) as of today 2013-07-16 and I believe I bought it, sold enough to take my cost back plus around a 50% profit and held that…so please find us another nutty village stock screamer!

PS – I have a trailing stop on SIRI and most of my holdings. If it closes below 25% of the highest close I cash it in and lock in my profit, closing the position. In the case of SIRI I would at least leave my original cost invested and consider it a “free” position! Actually I would keep whatever I consider a “full position” based on my diversification model in SIRI and just hold it forever. At this point SIRI’s value is higher than 4 “full position” sizes so that would work out to me grabbing more than 75% of the value and leaving the under 25% there as a position and kind of a tribute to the original holding. I usually never buy any company unless I understand their business and revenue model, market demand and other fundamentals like balance and income sheet and so forth. So whereas I would like to dump all of it coldly on a trailing stop issue on something that I admire as much as SIRI and many others I hold it would suffice to grab everything above a “full position” (at the time of this writing 1-2% of my entire portfolio) and just keep tabs on the business. Also it should be noted that if the stock prices drop more than a certain amount and the fundamentals are strong and the price starts to trend up it is a great time to buy more.


OpenSSH logging with Chroot Directory and SFTP Clients on CentOS

The following is adapted from for CentOS as I have tested it on a CentOS VM (Xen x86_64 CentOS release 6.2 (Final)).

Make syslog available in the chroot

Create a dev directory in each user’s chrooted directory:

Configure rsyslog to probe the new logging source

Put the following contents in /etc/rsyslog.conf :

Configure openssh for logging

Change /etc/ssh/sshd_config. The Subsystem sftp line will now read (ps I use INFO instead of VERBOSE as I tested both and they seem to look the same in the log file) :

Create a Match section (assuming username1/username2 are members of the sftponly group in /etc/group).

“Because of a limitation bug in OpenSSH, the ForceCommand line cannot be used with logging parameters on versions earlier than 5.2. But omitting the ForceCommand directive implicitely provides the user shell access in the chrooted directory if he has upload privileges. Therefore, this is in my view a security risk, and that is why I would say that enabling logging in this configuration requires OpenSSH 5.2 or later.”

Note: Tried to redirect sftp logging per the above referred article but it did not seem to work in CentOS, everything is logged to /var/log/secure which, in my case, is just fine so I did not research it any further. On the Debian side one user commented that the dev/log’s were not automatically created but this is not the case in CentOS, just add the entry to the /etc/rsyslog.conf file as above and do a service rsyslog restart and it works!

Any comments are welcome.

Ariix Launches New Product – BioPro Q – The first of many!

Ariix has launched BioPro Q! The first of many new and innovative products which will stem from the Ariix Opportunity and Leaders. BioPro Q support a healthy heart, immune system, and cellular energy. It sports a proprietary (and very expensive) form of CoQ 10 in concert with other ingredients.

Please listen to the Product Announcement here:

As usual if you are interested in trying the Ariix Products or wish to join our Marketing Group follow up here:

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Place your Ariix Order Now!