Burke Hedges Terminated by LiveVantage – Appears to be defamation and cash flow based!

Well my take is that if you read the entire lawsuit, which I have, it seems that due to the timeline of events and notification times that they framed him for what appears to be misconduct in order to save from having to pay his fee, which was agreed on in writing and contractual. It seems he was going from Pro 6 to Pro 7 which suggests that he was definitely bringing in enough revenue to justify his pay. Unless he actually did the heinous things they allegate but not specify and they were royally upset with him, not sure, only because I do not know him personally and refuse to get caught up with speculation.

I would only hope that if he was wrongfully terminated he will come join my group in Ariix and do great things, for sure I can say that the Ariix Bill of Rights would prevent a similar chain of events with that timeline to occur!

Read the lawsuit here:



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