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Project Fit with Joel Comm – Day #8 – 20

Project Fit with Joel Comm – Day #8 – 20

Just clicking in to touch bases as I did not update for a long time due to many Jewish 2-day holidays back to back in the last month. Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Sukkos, Simchas Torah though joyous tend to take one out of the routine for quite some time. During this time I kept up with my regular yoga practice (other then the holy days) and not eating after 7pm. I did splurge on pizza a few times and a few other pasta and noodle dishes that seemed to make me heavy.

So now I have been on a juice / supplement fast since Sunday (today is Day 2) and I believe I will continue it until Wednesday and then ease myself back for a few days on the Usana RESET program. I weighed in today at 76lbs, which is 4lbs lighter then when I started on Day 1, so I am happy about that though most weight lossed in a juice fast is usually gained back once you begin to eat again, depending on how you do it. I need to make sure I keep up energy to get back to the gym this week as that suffered during the Holidays.

Project Fit with Joel Comm – Day #6 & 7

Day 6 – Sunday, went to yoga in morning, did not go to gym in the evening, as it closes too early and had to attend to some business.

Day 7 – Monday, yoga in morning, business all day, did gym in the evening. Precor 546i, 30 minutes plus 5 minute cool down, did 2.67 miles and pushed heart rate up past 155 for the whole time except the cool down, actually got heart rate down to 118 during cool down this time.

I jumped on the scale and noticed I have not lost weight, this is day 7, perhaps just built some muscle so far. Be well.

Project Fit with Joel Comm – Day #4 & 5


Day 4 was a Friday before Yom Kippur, Jewish holiday and fast day. When preparing for a complete fast (no food or water) I usually go through a few things in my head but then the whole day is almost over but this time I was able to prepare a bit. I went and did my usual Yoga practice and afterwards had a meal replacement smoothie and 3 bars, one antioxidant, 1 probiotic and the other a Kashi bar. Then I had a large meal for lunch which was a vegan burrito wrap with salsa and chips and was so hungry I only had water until 6:40pm came around when the official fast began.

Day 5 – Yom Kippur, did not do any physical exercise or food or water, broke the fast with some vege/noodle disk and a Usana shake made from Nutrimeal and some fruit. Plan to do Yoga tomorrow morning and hit the gym in the evening. Be well.