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Coinspace Business Opportunity Review

Coinspace Business Opportunity Review

The Internet has drastically changed the way we live our lives. Not only does it provide you with many ways to learn and entertain yourself, it also offers you ways to generate income. If you’re looking for ways to earn a living, there are a number of Internet-based companies that can provide you with the opportunity that you’re looking for.

One of these companies is CoinSpace. If you’re interested in generating some income off the Internet, you should check out the business opportunities being offered by this company.

CoinSpace Background Info  

There is no available information about who owns or runs CoinSpace. However, what you can get learn online is that its domain was registered on the 11th of March, 2015 and “Danjel Pawl” of CoinSpace LTD was listed as its owner. The website is also said to be based in Malta.

Pawl’s name is connected to CoinSpace (the company) only through the firm’s website domain registration. Who he is or what relationship he has with the company itself is not made available.

Product Offerings and Business Opportunity

Unlike other multi-level marketing companies or MLMs, CoinSpace doesn’t sell any product or service. What it offers instead is affiliate membership you can make money from. Similar to Bitcoin, what the company does is mine cryptocurrency and then trade them for you. When you sign up, you become a CoinSpace affiliate and are able to invest in packages offered by the company.

To get started, you can purchase one of these six investment packages:

  • Minimum Mine – €300
  • Basic Mine – €700
  • Quarter Mine – €1,500
  • Half Mine – €3,000
  • Full Mine – €6,000
  • Double Mine – €12,000

Depending on the package that you have chosen, you’ll automatically get S-Coin points. One S-Coin is worth €0.5.

  • Minimum Mine – 30 S-Coins
  • Basic Mine – 100 S-Coins
  • Quarter Mine – 250 S-Coins
  • Half Mine – 500 S-Coins
  • Full Mine – 1000 S-Coins
  • Double Mine – 2000 S-Coins

You’ll also get passive return on investment (ROI) according to the investment package you have chosen. They are as follows:

  • Minimum Mine – €36.50 a month for 12 months
  • Basic Mine – €84 a month for 12 months
  • Quarter Mine – €182.50 a month for 12 months
  • Half Mine – €365 a month for 12 months
  • Full Mine – €730 a month for 12 months
  • Double Mine – €1520 a month for 24 months

In addition to receiving passive ROI every month, you can also earn money through commissions when your recruit new affiliates.  The amount of commissions you’ll receive will depend on how much the person you have recruited will invest in CoinSpace. Please refer to the list below to determine the recruitment commissions:

  • Minimum Mine – €35
  • Basic Mine – €84
  • Quarter Mine – €180
  • Half Mine – €360
  • Full Mine – €720
  • Double Mine – €1440

However, do take note that you must reinvest the 25% of all the commissions given to you by CoinSpace back into the company.

Apart from the recruitment commissions you’ll receive, you’ll also get residual commissions. Residual commissions are paid out through a binary compensation structure. In the binary compensation structure, an affiliate is at the top of a binary team. Then the succeeding positions are generated by splitting previous level positions into another two positions and so on.

To determine residual commissions each affiliate will receive, investment volume among binary teams is carefully monitored, with each CoinSpace package generating the following point values:

  • Minimum Mine – 50 points
  • Basic Mine – 120 points
  • Quarter Mine – 250 points
  • Half Mine – 500 points
  • Full Mine – 1000 points
  • Double Mine – 2000 points

Each point is equal to €1 and depending on his or her position on the team, each affiliate must follow a specific weekly cap.

For example, for the coordinator, he must recruit at least two affiliates and generate an accumulated 6,000 binary points on both binary sides to receive €1000 a day. The team leader, on the other hand, must maintain one active affiliate and generate an accumulated 12,000 binary points on both sides of their binary team to receive a residual commission of €2000 a day. The supervisor must maintain two active investors and produce an accumulated 36,000 binary points on both sides of the binary team to get €3000 EUR a day.

The highest position on the ladder is the Crown Diamond. The Crown Diamond must maintain one Diamond and one Blue Diamond-ranked affiliates and generate an accumulated 5,000,000 binary points to earn €25,000 daily.

Apart from the monetary gains, you’ll also receive certain perks if you’re able to convince others to invest in S-Coin points. The rewards are as follows:

  • Coordinator – 300 S-Coins
  • Team Leader – 600 S-Coins and an iPad Mini
  • Supervisor – 1800 S-Coins, an iPhone and the use of a BMW 1 car for six months
  • Executive Director – 6000 S-Coins; a MacBook Air; and a BMW 4 car for 6 months
  • Diamond – 15,000 S-Coins; a “Diamond Luxury Trip;” a Rolex watch; and BMW 5 car for 12 months
  • Blue Diamond – 25,000 S-Coins; a “Blue Diamond Luxury Trip;” and a BMW 6, 7 or X6 car for 12 months
  • Black Diamond – 50,000 S-Coins; a “Black Diamond Luxury Trip;” and a BMW i8, Tesla, Maserati or Porsche car for 12 months
  • Royal Diamond = 125,000 S-Coins; a “Royal Diamond Luxury Trip;” and a BMW i8, Maserati or Porsche car to keep
  • Crown Diamond – 250,000 S-Coins; a “Crown Diamond Luxury Trip’” and a villa or Ferrari, Lamborghini or Bentley supercar.


There are a number of criticisms lodged against CoinSpace. One of them is the obvious lack of company information. Also, there have been allegations that it runs a Ponzi scheme.

On the upside, the income, commissions, and perks you’ll receive from CoinSpace are indeed very attractive. However, since the company makes money only through affiliate investments and not through the sales of products and services like most MLMs, it would be wise to weigh your options carefully before deciding to make money with this company.


The Money Machine – Make Money Through Teamwork

The following is a guest post from

The Money Machine

Make Money Through Teamwork

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make money

We strongly believe that working as a T.E.A.M (Together Everyone Achieves More) is the right way to follow in order to be successful.

The Money Machine website is a system designed to help you and others achieve financial freedom by working together as a team, helping each other to quickly succeed.

We are affiliated with a well known and established company that has been in the market of Domain Registration and Web-Hosting for over 15 years.

This company is called Global Domains International or GDI.

In 2004, they started a network-marketing business around their initial idea to allow people to continue what they were already doing, by giving them their own domain name, a private branded email addresses, but adding the ability to earn substantial amounts of money.

This company is the sole registrar of all TLD (Top Level Domains) with the .WS extension, and the IDN (International Domain Names) initiative that allows one to register a domain name using their own local language.

The network-marketing business model is a team concept; each member has a personal team and by using The Money Machine it allows s/he to use the power of a bigger team where we all work together towards a common goal; to be freed from financial difficulties.

In network-marketing there are some basic ground rules you need to follow in order to be successful:

  1. You need a product or service that has huge market.
  2. The product or service needs to be something you will use yourself and has value for you.
  3. It needs to be affordable to almost everyone.
  4. The company should be known and in perfect financial situation.

Even if you found all of the above, you need to bring people to the program for them to join. This is where The Money Machine comes into play. The system is designed to distribute the traffic (visitors) that come to the main site to the team and will do so until each member is in profit; after that it will help your own team members achieve the same, which in turn helps you gain more profit. It’s a win/win for everyone involved.

The product/service has much more than just Domain and email, you have a powerful SiteBuilder tool with many ready made templates ready for you to utilize in a click away. You can also have your own WordPress blog, or an image Gallery and more as ready made plugins you can use right away. Check here for more information about what you get.

There are many marketing materials included as well, if you wish to be proactive towards your financial freedom, GDI even pays you for learning the business, only few steps and you’re done 🙂

You can find more information about The Money Machine here, there are plenty of informational pages.

You can have everything you want in life, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

The Money Machine Team

Dear MLM Bashers – Is Ackman right or just trying to make a quick buck?

I have been in and out of MLMs since 1994 and have never lost any money. I never purchased a product I didn’t use or consume (or use for promotional purposes). MLM can be managed just like any other business, as well as risk in stock investing. It is all manageable, but few actually learn to manage…that is why 2.1% of Industry is Private Investor losses!

This article makes many blanket statements, many of which can and should be applied to trading and all other business venues:

Maturity demands we stand on our own feet and think for ourselves. Best regards all, drink more water and eat fresh fruits and vegetables.