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My thoughts about Network Marketing. The industry, products, specific companies and my own Network Marketing business. I would like to state this Category should NOT be neutral. There is already so much neutrality out there. The purpose of this blog is to build my organization and support it which means more sales, volume, people and everything else, no holds barred.

Ariix – What’s up after the dust has begun to settle?

Well after the dust and commotion of major leaders leaving Usana and joining Ariix, many many seekers coming to this blog, some of them joining up and beginning to build businesses with Ariix I have decided I should post at least something though I have been uninspired to write…lately. Ariix is certainly booming with 900+% growth rate in the last few months as reported by some MLM Watchers and so forth.

Ariix, in accordance to our plan of excellence, have begun the process to introduce new products. These products, of course, will be proprietary and unique to the industry, at least as long as possible as good products and services will always be copied no matter what legal stipulations they have. So don’t rest if you have a unique product as that is no comfort zone, and in today’s world of course there are almost no real comfort zones!

Ow, I forgot to put in the new product announcement, so I will paste it in here:

Well, it’s official! On last night’s call, Dr. Fred Cooper announced that the newest member of the ARIIX family of products is bioproQ, and the call was such a big hit that Dr. Cooper conducted an encore presentation for back-to-back product launch calls. We want to thank Dr. Cooper, Deanna Latson and Dr. Ray Strand for their education and information on this fantastic new addition to the supplements line.

In case you missed the call, here are the details:
* BioproQ will be available in the U.S.A. the week of January 10th!
* Right now you can order bioproQ for the introductory pre-launch price of just $49.95!
* This promotion is good through midnight MST on Thursday, 12/22/11, so place your order now!
* Once this special is over, you can still pre-order bioproQ at the IIX Member price of just $59.95.*

Be the first to get your hands on this new quality product that has a superior ubiquinol, which has been shown to maintain or improve heart health, provide anti-aging support supply anti-oxidant protection and promote life extension.? Visit the Products page at to learn more about bioproQ and its ingredients.”

Duke Tubtim left Usana and replaced his income with Ariix in a number of weeks and is now hitting great heights and levels of income never before experienced with any company, enough said!

The Ariix products lend themselves to stability as they are everyday use products. And, of course, as with any great MLM business opportunity, if you consume the products regularly your personal consumption runs the required monthly sales volume to remain active (receive commissions on your group volumes) in the business! That being said when new products are introduced the opportunity for expansion exists multilaterally: 1) Existing Customers and Representatives will purchase new products for consumption and 2) New Customers and Representatives will see and purchase the new products and join accordingly and further the momentum.

Ariix continues to pay commissions accurately and on time! And I imagine at this point, due to the efforts of the field and its confidence, the main challenge for Ariix Principals (company owners) is which products to introduce first and which countries to open up first and how to effectively manage the volume (supply and demand) going forward. Of course I anticipate there will be other challenges though we don’t speak of them!

My personal challenge with Ariix, at this point, is to match volume of my Power Line with my Pay Line, though it is slow coming I realize the potential of each and every new recruit to become a start leader with Ariix. And to be perfectly honest if the math of the previous months is applied forward to future months the future looks very good with Ariix and the Sabai Marketing Group.

Also, before I forget, as I know many of you reading this blog are on the fence about Ariix the promotion to join with Silver or Gold package ends this Friday (orders must be placed by 11pm CST or something like that, just make sure you get in well before that time and notify me to make sure the benefits are verified). That is, specifically, that those who join with Silver/Gold Packages get an extra Pay Line added automatically which means they can potentially earn another business worth if they choose to work it that way (over achievers love this!).

So what are we waiting for?! Certainly I am not, drop a line if you need to discuss as usual. And please have a Happy and Prosperous New Year!


Place your Ariix Order Now!
Place your Ariix Order Now!

Burke Hedges Terminated by LiveVantage – Appears to be defamation and cash flow based!

Well my take is that if you read the entire lawsuit, which I have, it seems that due to the timeline of events and notification times that they framed him for what appears to be misconduct in order to save from having to pay his fee, which was agreed on in writing and contractual. It seems he was going from Pro 6 to Pro 7 which suggests that he was definitely bringing in enough revenue to justify his pay. Unless he actually did the heinous things they allegate but not specify and they were royally upset with him, not sure, only because I do not know him personally and refuse to get caught up with speculation.

I would only hope that if he was wrongfully terminated he will come join my group in Ariix and do great things, for sure I can say that the Ariix Bill of Rights would prevent a similar chain of events with that timeline to occur!

Read the lawsuit here:



Place your Ariix Order Now!
Join or Place your Ariix Order Now!

Ariix MLM – A very short review of the way Ariix is paying commissions!

The Activ8 Compensation Plan touts that it is a double infinity payout. Now is that true or is it an oxymoron of sorts?! I am not going to go into the possibility of double infinity in my short discussion but I thought it would be cute to at least mention it! As for the Ariix Compensation Plan here are my observations:

1. I got in at the Gold level that means I have 3 Pay lines and one Power line automatically. I can build volume in 4 lines and get paid 15% commissions per week on the lower 3 Pay Lines up to $2000/week per Line! In my observation, yes, Ariix is indeed paying this and it applies to all reorders and their reorders ad infinitum, that sounds like an abstract level of infinity does it not?!

2. Ariix is paying the Team Building bonus – Whereas this does not seem as exciting as the infinite payouts it does show that Ariix has considered the small man (human) when developing this phenomenal pay plan! This means the little person can come in, generate some good activity, and break even and have a small residual going forward (from the autoship reorders)! This is an element that is usually only implied at best in most leading compensation plans, in Ariix Activ8 it is built in and part of the Original Marketing Emphasis. From the CEO of the company through and through…everyone will tell you the same thing: Sponsor one on your Power Line and 3 on your Pay Line and teach your group to do the same, that is how to break even, and that is also how to achieve the highest ranks!

3. Ariix is paying the Matching Bonus! And I notice these Matching Bonus payouts are compressed! That means any great MLM Pro or someone who knows comp plans can come in and rock to the core! This means that walk away income can and will be generated over time doing work in this business! Does that have an echo of infinity?! If not, then you might want to get those ears trained a bit better! This is the deal: Work the business steadily for 5 years or so and then the business should have its own growth and momentum which far exceeds the initial work you put into it, sounds like a great business to me!


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