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My thoughts about Network Marketing. The industry, products, specific companies and my own Network Marketing business. I would like to state this Category should NOT be neutral. There is already so much neutrality out there. The purpose of this blog is to build my organization and support it which means more sales, volume, people and everything else, no holds barred.

I need to be first vs. Timing is Everything

Many people think that if they get in a Network Marketing organization first it guarantees their success, or adversely if they are not first they cannot be successful, nothing is further from the truth. The only thing that makes one successful is what is built beginning with that individual. In Usana my upline has been the #1 income earner in the whole company for many years, when he got in there were 50,000 Distributors that got in before him, he beat them all! Now, in my small (but growing) organization, I see at least 5 people making more income then I do, time to catch up!

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ps – One man I know keeps stalling to build the business because he needs to be the first in his country, it just so happens the opportunity is very fresh in his particular country and if he has the clout he has said he does then he could potentially dominate that market and others…somebody please tell him!

I love Network Marketing!

Network Marketing at first glance seems to be an industry besieged by instability, bickering, self sabotage and general disarray. I will attempt to reconcile why I love Network Marketing, continue to participate in it, and see it as a viable means of making an income and uplifting humanity.

Some thoughts:

Magic of Part Time – Through minimal capital, minimal (but managed) time an individual who already has a limited income (working for a boss or on a time based contract) can eventually (may take a few years) create a substantial business that has a significant impact on their financial ability. For example, if a person is earning $3500 per month net and learns to work in their own part time business 2-5 hours per week and can generate an extra $500 per month net they have essentially raised their income by 14%. Think of which bills the $500 would cover. For many it can mean quite a lot, please review in your own mind what bills and what $500 extra per month can really mean in your life. This is a start. Afterwards through skill and leverage the business can double, triple and expand exponentially. That is what Network Marketing financial dreams are made of. But before we can fly we must learn to walk, at least most of us. Jim Rohn the famous business philosopher speaks of an extra $1000 per month when he describes the Magic of Part Time. Whereas that makes an incredible amount of sense I understand what an extra $500 per month can do and think it should not be overlooked!

Leveraged Income – There is only so much you can do on your own, with your own time, and your own financial (and other) resources. The famous “I would rather have one percent of 100 people’s efforts than 100 percent of my own.”  by Andrew Carnegie pretty much sums it up. By creating long term leveraged bonds built up of many individuals one can affectively accomplish more in the same amount of time, greater then their own ability.

Unlimited Potential – Especially in a job but in most linear income situations one can only make a certain amount. Getting a raise for x amount above the norm is generally not going to happen. In any good Network Marketing business one can simply expand their market and generate a new pay line, in affect giving themselves unlimited raises with no time limits. It is just a matter of planning the work and working the plan until it bears fruit. Imagine being able to work somewhat harder for 4-6 months and be able to double your income!

Low Cost to Entry

Education Opportunity

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