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Skype – Bad Customer Service / Is this part of what is killing the USA?

I cannot help to think that this sort of ordeal that companies put their clients through is one of the reasons the USA is beginning to have a hard time, financially. I have lived in an Asian country for over 7 months now and understand the if it don’t fit then there is no business mentality but anyone knows that if the person (seller) in question is of a good nature (acts well) that they will a) Be polite b) Apologize and c) Offer any / all other suggestions to solve the problem. Please read the following and  if I am wrong just flame away!

Today I noticed the Unlimited World that I pay monthly for (for over 5 years now) has a yearly 15% discount but when I went to order that it said warning I will have a double subscription. Then I did some searches and someone was talking about not being able to cancel a 2 year (automatic) subscription they were paying monthly on, so I decided not to try to purchase the yearly and then cancel the monthly. I also noticed that the base price for the yearly is now $13.99/mo as opposed to the $12.95 which I currently pay. I contacted chat support and got THIS utter garbage and no complete answer to my questions:

“9:32:00 PM me
Initial Question/Comment: Subscriptions (Unlimited Country, Unlimited Europe, Unlimited Region, Unlimited World)
9:32:00 PM System
Thank you for contacting Skype Customer Support!
9:32:05 PM System
Girlie C. has joined this session!
9:32:05 PM System
Connected with Girlie C.
9:32:10 PM Girlie C.
Thank you for contacting Skype Live Support, my name is Girlie. How can I help you today?
9:32:54 PM me
Hi Girlie, nice name! I currently have Unlimited World and am paying $12.95/mo/usd. I saw there is a yearly option. Can I upgrade to it? How much will it cost? What is the procedure?
9:33:30 PM Girlie C.
I understand you have inquiry regarding subscription, correct?
9:33:35 PM Girlie C.
May I know your Username or Skype ID, please?
9:33:47 PM me
I understand you don’t read? Hm, are you a bot?
9:34:04 PM me
Hi Girlie, nice name! I currently have Unlimited World and am paying $12.95/mo/usd. I saw there is a yearly option. Can I upgrade to it? How much will it cost? What is the procedure?
9:34:46 PM me
Also, my username is posted here already, I am not sure why you would ask for that. It is posted and I could not be here without it being here (above).
9:35:25 PM me
If you don’t read, or are a bot, or don’t know the answer to my question please save my time by referring me to where I can get the answer!
9:36:00 PM Girlie C.
You can not do an upgrade for your subscription.’
9:36:14 PM Girlie C.
You have to purchase the annual subscription separately.
9:36:18 PM me
YOu are a very bad bad customer service rep!
9:36:43 PM me
I hope your manager sees this!
9:37:23 PM me
I have paid for Skype every month for 5 years and this is the kind of crap I have to take???!
9:38:48 PM Girlie C.
What am suggesting is for you to purchase the annual subscription separately since you can not modify the existing subscription you have.
9:40:01 PM me
Right, then I will have two subscriptions, beautiful, and the first sentence about this was “You can not do an upgrade for your subscription.'”. I am in Asia now for 8 months and I understand the mentality of that answer, and that is what is KILLING the USA currently!
9:41:00 PM me
If you don’t want to help customers and want to waste people’s time by incomplete or indirect answers you should quit and help make Skype better. Tell your manager you cannot handle it.
9:41:14 PM me
Go start your own business…and learn!
9:42:15 PM Girlie C.
I have given you the instructions on how to go about having an annual subscription, what is it that you do not understand about it?
9:43:24 PM me
I am going to post this “dialogue” on the support ticket, and perhaps on my blog, we’ll let them and them be the judge of why this is bad. You really should quit and start your own business so you can understand that time is money and what the real meaning of good customer service is. Bye.
9:44:00 PM Girlie C.
Is there anything else?
9:44:45 PM me
So your solution to my problem is to get another subscription, though the page clearly states that at that point I will have and be paying for 2, right?!
9:46:51 PM Girlie C.
You can cancel the existing one for it to stop renewing everytime and purchase the annual one, that simple.
9:47:14 PM me
I just looked and the new subscription base price is NOT $12.95/mo.
9:47:39 PM me
Do they coach you to be vague and give incomplete solutions?
9:47:54 PM me
If so then I forgive you for telling you off, otherwise, it stands! 🙂
9:48:46 PM Girlie C.
If your purchasing an annual subscription, of course the price differs – it would not be the same as $12.95.
9:50:04 PM me
The base price for the yearly subscription is $13.99 NOT $12.95, I will post this mess on my blog. I have truly been paying Skype for over 5 years EVERY SINGLE MONTH and I don’t think clients should be made to feel bad. If you don’t believe me check my file.
9:50:09 PM me
9:50:41 PM Girlie C.
Is there anything else?
9:51:11 PM Girlie C.
If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us again and I’ll be more than happy to assist you further.

We value your feedback. Please be aware that we will ask you a few questions after closing the chat window about your experience with us today.

Once you are ready please click on the “Exit” button.

Here is a screenshot which shows my session ID (for Skype reps):