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Hey pDear, Anyone have an evil uncle?

I did not write this, it came from here, while I was on the phone with pDear and doing a google search:

Anybody got an ‘evil’ uncle who is like Shakuni? There’s a lot to learn from the Shakuni study. Because, there is an avatar of Shakuni prowling in every family. It is important for families to identify instigators in their family, at an early stage.

There are Shakuni characters within families who force the ‘righteous’ children to be exiled, while trying to move inside the house and stay rent-free.

Hindu Mythology has many characters, who are personification of characters of good and evil. Television and Literature also shows many personifications. Character traits of individuals are a good study in life.

Shakuni, the evil uncle of Duryodhana, was the master of evil tendencies and schemes. Shakuni is actually said to have sworn to destroy the Kauravas, because his sister married the blind Kuru King, Dhritarashtra. He achieved this by instigating his sister and especially his volatile nephew Duryodhana (to lead to the destruction of the entire clan).

Shakuni masterminds most of Duryodhana (epitome of evil) plots to humiliate and kill the Pandavas (epitome of goodness).

The Chausar,game of dice plot and gambling one’s wife, life and kingdom. This led to the loss of Indraprastha kingdom by the Pandavas.

Shakuni took the side of Duryodhana in the great war in Kurushethra and was killed in action by Sahadev.

The main reasons for an evil Uncle (or aunt) phenomenon is because of 1. Envy and 2. ranking in possible succession battles.

Shakuni’s Projects

He was the mastermind of all the events. He always instigated Duryodhana to trouble Pandavas. In the very childhood, he suggested Duryodhan to give poison to Bheem mixed in sweets to kill him.

When princes grew up and Yudhishthir was declared the Crown Prince, he suggested Duryodhan to burn all Pandavas in a Laakshaa Grih (a house made of highly inflammable things). But fortunately, they were able to escape from it safely and securely.

His next mischief was, to suggest Duryodhana to invite Yudhisthira to play Chausar ( a dice game), to defeat him cunningly and to take everything of him including Draupadi. But again unfortunately, this game brought Duryodhan upside down, and Draupadee succeeded in getting everything back.

But Shakuni’s brain did not stop here. He again asked Duryodhan to play Chausar with Pandavas once more. Duryodhan did that. This time he succeeded and Pandavas had to go to Van (exile) for 13 years, including one year of Agyaatvaas (in this year they were supposed to live in the society without being recognized).

Even when Pandavas were living in Van, he was not silent.