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SimplicityHosting.Com, Inc. Affiliate Commissions

SimplicityHosting.Com, Inc. has always had an affiliate program. It has recently been simplified. You receive 10% commissions on service revenue referred to us. As long as the customer keeps paying us you get paid on that income. You are not required to be a customer of SimplicityHosting or have x amount of clients to your affiliate position, we will pay on whatever you do have. All you need to do is a) Signup as an affiliate b) Refer customers to your affiliate link (provided once you signup), and c) Request payment when commissions are over $25.

To become an affiliate please browse and signup here.

Updated Systems, Software and Pricing!

Simplicityhosting.Com, Inc. has recently gone through a revamp to keep up with the times. However, the website has not been updated to reflect that. Systems have been upgraded. Hardware, software and even the billing system have all been conformed to latest commercial standards (billing system, third party, control panel – cpanel, etc…). We now have the ability to take any specs and bid on them and if the bid is won we can create a package on the fly to accommodate or fit the plan into an existing package. Please be sure to drop us a line for any web hosting requirements here:

Be well.