iPhone vs Android – Apple vs Samsung – Google vs Apple – Open Software Joke?!

and so the joke is on….us? iPhone is obviously Linux of Unix. Android is definitely Linux, no question about it. And Jobs was screaming copy copy about Google/Android and Samsung. So the open mouth is chewing on its ridges???!

I must leave Microsoft out of this article as they have historically been against Open Source, so they just don’t fit, though recent prospects seem to point they may buy or incorporate some open companies or approach soon.

It seems Linux/Unix has come full circle from the “dark days” of not having user friendly apps to where we are now: Companies scrambling for uniqueness and features abounding in a highly user friendly manner. It seems Android will not only be on phones and tablets but on the desktop of your pc in the near future! And of course all your favorite apps will just simple be there, in contrast to the Linux of yesterday, most interesting…

Now creativity must come forth to lead the pack, who will be first?

PS – I personally am using an Android phone and was ashamed of it not being an Apple iPhone until I experienced the following: Tried to help a guy setup Skype for iPad, they had released it before the release was read on iTunes, you cannot setup Skype independent of iTunes or the Apple “Cloud”. I wonder if there is anything you can do on an iPhone/iPad/Mac these days that are going to be indepedent of thier cloud, not good for me, I need a degree of autonomy, hm. Needless to say the app did not install and there was no previous version available or any choice for that matter, that point alone made me happy I am using Samsung Galaxy S II and not an Apple product, though I do feel a special connection with Steve Jobs…

I was even going to buy the new iPhone 4S as a personal tribute to the master until I experienced the above issues!

2 thoughts on “iPhone vs Android – Apple vs Samsung – Google vs Apple – Open Software Joke?!”

  1. Google made me do it!

    When I got my new Motorola bionic, in order for me to download droid apps i needed to create a new gmail account, and MY original one is dead and they wont resurrect it.

    So as far as autonomy the droid is far better, but still subject to the “ET Phone home” syndrome.

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