Lynn Allen-Johnson Terminated by Usana over Ariix participation


by Lynn Allen-Johnson on Saturday, July 2, 2011 at 3:17am

I am writing with much sadness to announce that I am no longer with USANA. I have been terminated based on the fact that I was looking at the Ariix opportunity joined by my family on a private call to gain clarity on the compensation plan.

After 15 years of building my business for what I thought was a “life long” residual income and my legacy to my Grandchildren, I have once again discovered how naive I am. USANA has blessed my life so much and given me so much but I also believe that I have given USANA much. I have loved and shared the vision of Dr. Wentz with my whole heart and the fact that I chose to look at Ariix had nothing to do with USANA. It had to do with the fact that Fred and Mark are my dear friends and I respect and admire them greatly. They have always been there for me with encouragement and love and I wouldn’t have accomplished what I did without them. Although Ariix hasn’t opened yet, I was looking at it and weighing my options and deciding what path I wanted to follow for my future. USANA compliance department has made that decision for me with a termination letter and it is with great sadness that I share this….So many of you are my very closest friends and extended family and I love you so much and it is with tears that I am writing this as it is a goodbye to what I thought would be a part of my life forever. I will now move forward and begin again with a new found purpose and a hopeful spirit to build a huge Ariix organization and continue to touch and bless as many people as I can…Blessings and Happy Independence Day to you all…..


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  1. I asked USANA about this situation, and here is the response I received:

    “Thank you for your question about the recent cancellation of Lynn Allen Johnson’s associate agreement. It was with a very heavy heart that USANA took the action to cancel her distributorship. Lynn violated her agreement when she invited a select group of USANA distributors, including leaders from her team, her family and non-family members, to an opportunity call where the CEO of another network marketing company presented the benefits of joining that company, including their perception of improvement over USANA. On the call Lynn also promoted the benefits of joining that company to the USANA associates who were listening. Because of the public way in which this was done, Lynn’s promotion of a competitor immediately caused damage in the USANA field. USANA asked Lynn to help combat the damage caused by publicly committing her 100% efforts to USANA but she declined leaving no choice but to cancel the associate agreement.

    Compliance with the associate agreement is essential to the security of USANA’s business and the independent businesses of thousands of USANA distributors. While we are saddened by Ms. Johnson’s choice, we wish her well in her new company.

    State and federal regulators carefully scrutinize the network marketing industry to ensure that companies enforce polices to protect distributors and consumers alike from the unethical or illegal conduct of unscrupulous business promoters and rogue associates. To that end, USANA vigorously enforces its polices so that associates and shareholders alike can rely on USANA as a long-term responsible business.

    USANA regrets that it must take action to cancel any distributorship, and as such, it is a rare occurrence among the tens of thousands of hard working and deserving USANA associates. However, when the actions of rogue associates directly affect the livelihood of other associates USANA has no choice. USANA will always choose to protect its associates. USANA will gladly suffer the short-term effect of losing a distributor leader rather than sacrifice the integrity on which USANA is built and the livelihood if its associates and families.”

  2. Thank you Pete for providing this.

    This sort of stock answer is what Usana feels they are legally responsible to provide. One must take the “facts” presented as statements, actually on both parties side of the fence,
    however if you study the timeline (in Duke’s case) you may see some areas which beg question. Usana has lost legal battle in this very same area previously and the statements issued
    must also be weighed against those proceedings as well!

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