Project Fit with Joel Comm – Day #4 & 5


Day 4 was a Friday before Yom Kippur, Jewish holiday and fast day. When preparing for a complete fast (no food or water) I usually go through a few things in my head but then the whole day is almost over but this time I was able to prepare a bit. I went and did my usual Yoga practice and afterwards had a meal replacement smoothie and 3 bars, one antioxidant, 1 probiotic and the other a Kashi bar. Then I had a large meal for lunch which was a vegan burrito wrap with salsa and chips and was so hungry I only had water until 6:40pm came around when the official fast began.

Day 5 – Yom Kippur, did not do any physical exercise or food or water, broke the fast with some vege/noodle disk and a Usana shake made from Nutrimeal and some fruit. Plan to do Yoga tomorrow morning and hit the gym in the evening. Be well.

2 thoughts on “Project Fit with Joel Comm – Day #4 & 5”

  1. Sounds like an interesting new tangent! How long is this “project fit”? I have been riding my bicycle to work and home every weekday for a couple of weeks now. (I also did quite a bit of that over the summer, then stopped when Mari and the kids got back from Japan). I feel that my leg muscles are stronger, and though I have not weighed myself (the scale seems to have broken) I hope that I am losing weight. I’m taking Usana nutritional supplements every day, and I’m excited that I just added Vitamin D supplements to my daily dose, but I’ve run out of Procosa II (Glucosamine) at the same time. I take a couple of Usana bars with me to work and eat one or two on the ferry on the way home. That reminds me, I brought a beer with me for the ferry and I gotta put it in the fridge so it will be cold when I leave!

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