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Dear MLM Bashers – Is Ackman right or just trying to make a quick buck?

I have been in and out of MLMs since 1994 and have never lost any money. I never purchased a product I didn’t use or consume (or use for promotional purposes). MLM can be managed just like any other business, as well as risk in stock investing. It is all manageable, but few actually learn to manage…that is why 2.1% of Industry is Private Investor losses!

This article makes many blanket statements, many of which can and should be applied to trading and all other business venues: http://seekingalpha.com/article/1130981-ackman-was-too-kind-in-his-attack-on-herbalife?source=yahoo

Maturity demands we stand on our own feet and think for ourselves. Best regards all, drink more water and eat fresh fruits and vegetables.