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ARIIX Pre-Launch, July 2011

ARIIX in Pre-Launch, Projected Launch Date of July 1*, 2011!!! LAUNCHED ALREADY JOIN BOTTOM PAGE!**

ARIIX Ground Level Opportunity NOW Available!

ARIIX is set to launch during the month of July in U.S. and Hong Kong. If you ever wanted to own your own business or make a change in network marketing…Now’s the Time! For more detailed information please fill in the Contact Us form on this page (lower right side).

The most important thing I can say is that you owe it to yourself to see ARIIX’s Activ8 Compensation Plan. IT’S UNREAL! From the base commission to the Matching Bonus, you earn 15% of everyone you personally sponsor for LIFE, plus 10% on generation 2 and 5% on generations 3-7. Max an Income Position…You Earn an ARIIX BONUS. Max a Payline…You Earn an ARIIX BONUS (plus a re-entry position).

ARIIX has a Huge Vision for the future of their company and has over 45 years of management experience in the Network Marketing Industry.

  • Great Vision and Management Team in it for the Long Run…CHECK
  • Great Line of Products with More on the Way that People Need…CHECK
  • AMAZING Compensation Plan that Pays Well…CHECK
  • Join An Experienced Team that Will Help you Build Your Business…CHECK


*Launch Date delayed to July 5 due to 4th of July weekend though Mark Wilson reportedly wanted to launch prior, he seems very lively, it seems his inner potential fire has been rekindled!

**Launch Date further delayed to July 11-18 due to systems testing, please stand by while they make the system perfect and minimize glitches!

ARIIX Activ8 Compensation Plan

ARIIX Activ8 Compensation Plan

ARIIX offers the Activ8 Compensation Plan as the most powerful tool in the industry today to help bring the potential of real residual, long term income into the lives of ARIIX Agents. Combined with our unmatched product line, the ARIIX compensation plan provides the means for you to enjoy the health, culture, and the lifestyle you deserve. By taking advantage of the numerous benefits contained in the Activ8 Compensation plan, you’ll have the opportunity to take the kind of trips you’ve always dreamed of, drive the cars you’ve wished you could afford, or simply achieve the financial independence we all desire. And by using the products in the ARIIX line, you’ll be able to enjoy your new lifestyle as a healthier, more active and happier you.

With our uniquely developed compensation plan, you are able to earn as little or as much as you would like from the following opportunities:

  • Retail Profit
  • Base Commissions (with unlimited potential)
  • Team Lead Bonus
  • Matching Bonus
  • Payline Bonus
  • Income Position Bonus
  • Luxury Car Bonus

To make the ARIIX Activ8 Compensation plan unmatched, all bonuses that you are eligible for can be doubled through the revolutionary IIX Membership Bonus program.

The ARIIX Activ8 Compensation Plan is a uniquely developed structure designed to allow the exclusive ability for unlimited width (which will increase your profitability) and unlimited depth (to give you long term stability) – resulting in the potential for a literally unmatched level wealth. By participating in the Activ8 Compensation Plan you will have access to a tool that can make your dreams a reality.

The Activ8 Compensation Plan is a revolutionary system, which allows for truly unmatched potential for long-term residual wealth. Designed from its very inception to create real opportunity, the Activ8 Compensation Plan identifies and overcomes the industry’s most prevalent concerns and creates an incomparable culture, lifestyle, and income potential.

Download Ariix Compensation Plan Brochure Here:

Ariix Comp Plan Brochure (front) / Ariix Comp Plan Brochure (back)

With the Ariix Activ8 Compensation Plan there is literally no limit to how much an Ariix Representative can make! Please request a complete plan and Getting Started Guide using the form on this page. Your personal information will not be added to any list or sold by us…ever! Of course if you wish to register with us or subscribe to threads you may do so.

Place your Ariix Order Now!
Place your Ariix Order Now!


Place your Ariix Order Now!
Place your Ariix Order Now!