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Duke Tubtim Terminated by Usana for Ariix Participation – Timeline

Duke Tubtim Terminated by Usana for Ariix Participation

Duke Tubtim
This post is to those that have requested a timeline of events leading up to my termination.

Fact: I have been looking into the Ariix opportunity as an addition to my Usana business. According to the policies, I thought I had the right to do so.

Fact: Anyone who I spoke to from Usana, I DID NOT recruit or promote the Ariix opportunity to them, being that I wanted to stay in good standing with my Usana business. MY INTENT WAS NOT TO HARM USANA.

Fact: I attended an event on Saturday; where I stated multiple times not to recruit Usana Distributors. NOR DID I INVITE ANY CROSSLINE MEMBERS.

Fact: Monday afternoon/evening, Mr. Bramble contacted me about my attendance on Saturday. I was hesitant to answer his questions due to what I had heard about what happened to Lynn Allen Johnson. Her being cancelled due to listening to what appears to have simply been “considering the Ariix opportunity” with her family. I mentioned to Mr. Bramble that I would respond to him after speaking to her. Mr. Bramble then asked for a written response, which I agreed to do.

Fact: Mr. Bramble sent me this email shortly after our conversation on June 27, 5:07 PM:

Dear Duke,

Thank you for speaking with me this afternoon. As promised, this email summarizes our conversation. As I explained, it has come to our attention that you promoted another direct selling opportunity to USANA customers, including presenting at a meeting for Ariix, another direct selling opportunity, to USANA customers. By promoting another network marketing company to USANA customers you have clearly violated USANA’s policies including Policy 3.6.

Your decision to promote another marketing organization to USANA customers has seriously jeopardized your good standing as an Independent USANA Distributor. As you know, unauthorized recruiting is one of the most serious breaches of policy a distributor can commit.
I was very sorry that you refused to answer questions regarding your activity. In order to address the damage that has been caused by your breach it is important that you explain your position on the breach and on any possible fix to the damage that has been caused. Please provide me with a written response no later than Thursday June 30th at noon PST, with an explanation of your improper recruiting activities. This response will be shared with the Compliance Committee. If you change your mind about talking with USANA about your breach, please give me a call any time day or night.
Jim Bramble

Fact: On Thursday before noon PST, I send my written response to Mr. Bramble (which has already been made public).
[6:47:50 AM] USANewlifeLA: Fact: Shortly after my letter was sent, Mr. Bramble sent me this message at 11:12 AM:

Thanks Duke. We will get this to the Compliance Committee today and let you know. The USANA customers in the audience who were shocked and saddened to see you on stage promoting Ariix to them need to understand that we will do the right thing in protecting them. You promoted Ariix at that meeting in fact to USANA distributors who had not made up their mind (which is why they are so worried now about the damage that is being done to their businesses). What you say about Lynn Allen Johnson is equally false. I am sorry that you feel that way.

Fact: This message was not for me to respond back to, but rather to wait.

Fact: I did not receive a single phone call from any member of the management team to discuss how we can fix this matter. Instead, I receive my “Termination of Distributorship” letter at 4:55 PM.


Is this considered a fair and loving partnership? Except for Mr. Bramble’s “interrogation” phone call on Monday, I never received a single phone call from any member of Usana’s management team during this issue. If this is what you call “due process”, then I guess you are a part of the right company.

The issue is that they did not give me a chance to fix the matter. In my letter, I requested how I can continue my Usana business and have the freedom to look at other opportunities. Instead of working with me on how to resolve the issue at hand, it seems to me they already had their minds made up with their course of action; which now gives me no other choice but to pursue a new opportunity full-time.

At this point, I simply want to move forward and rebuild what I thought was going to be a life-long opportunity. It is apparent that Usana does not want me working with them any further. Even though I am saddened by their decision, I guess we all have to move on. Unfortunately, I have no time to focus on this anymore and I must now focus on my future. I wish everyone the best in building their legacy.


Lynn Allen-Johnson Terminated by Usana over Ariix participation


by Lynn Allen-Johnson on Saturday, July 2, 2011 at 3:17am

I am writing with much sadness to announce that I am no longer with USANA. I have been terminated based on the fact that I was looking at the Ariix opportunity joined by my family on a private call to gain clarity on the compensation plan.

After 15 years of building my business for what I thought was a “life long” residual income and my legacy to my Grandchildren, I have once again discovered how naive I am. USANA has blessed my life so much and given me so much but I also believe that I have given USANA much. I have loved and shared the vision of Dr. Wentz with my whole heart and the fact that I chose to look at Ariix had nothing to do with USANA. It had to do with the fact that Fred and Mark are my dear friends and I respect and admire them greatly. They have always been there for me with encouragement and love and I wouldn’t have accomplished what I did without them. Although Ariix hasn’t opened yet, I was looking at it and weighing my options and deciding what path I wanted to follow for my future. USANA compliance department has made that decision for me with a termination letter and it is with great sadness that I share this….So many of you are my very closest friends and extended family and I love you so much and it is with tears that I am writing this as it is a goodbye to what I thought would be a part of my life forever. I will now move forward and begin again with a new found purpose and a hopeful spirit to build a huge Ariix organization and continue to touch and bless as many people as I can…Blessings and Happy Independence Day to you all…..


Duke Tubtim Terminated by Usana over Ariix Participation – A must read!

I am just going to copy this verbatim as it is self explanatory:

Can you believe that Usana terminated Duke Tubtim?! I can no longer be mentored by him in Usana!  This is what I found out…He was trying to work things out and they terminated him anyways. I could not believe that he got terminated and I asked him: “how did you reply to USANA?”


Here is the letter he showed me.


Dear Mr. Bramble,


In regards to the conversation we had earlier, you mentioned that policy 3.6 was breached. In that conversation, you referred to a meeting that I recently attended. Regarding your above mentioned breached, I had no intent to breach the policies. The individuals you mentioned are independent business owners who have evaluated and have done their own research. On their own free will, they spoke to Mark and Fred directly over the weeks and concluded on their own what they felt was in their better interest. For myself, I made it very clear that we have no intent to solicit Usana members and will not be practicing in those activities. I find it very ironic because I still continue to promote Usana products, and just recently convinced the top person in my “chicken list” to be a preferred customer in Usana. And now as my account is frozen, I am not able to enter her.


To my understanding, there are product lines that Usana carries that Ariix has shown no intent to compete with. So many people have expressed being able to build in both companies due to that reason. If Usana feels that Ariix is in such direct competition that we cannot promote both, then it will give many no choice (including myself) to stop promoting and getting customers for Usana, if the decision is made to build in Ariix. Ariix has expressed that they do not mind if someone also distributes for Usana. From my understanding there is nothing in the policies that states you cannot be in a company that is considered too closely related to Usana. I have made it very clear publically that if people are to build in Ariix, then we will not be soliciting to Usana members.


All of my leaders who have considered joining Ariix are people that have inquired directly to Mark and Fred. Otherwise, everyone else that is actively building Usana can vouch that I am not soliciting him or her about the Ariix opportunity, including many of my own Diamond Directors (many of which I have known and worked with prior to Usana). For the individual that came forward with a recording, they should know very well that they were uninvited. In addition, the recording should have had me mentioning not to solicit to Usana members.


I am aware that in building another company, Usana bonuses will not be attainable and dlm will be turned off. Knowing that, I made sure that my business practices respected the rules in the policies. Even in qualifying to attend an Ariix event/function, soliciting to current Usana individuals will lead to a disqualification in attending their event. Whoever recorded me should have known that first hand.


In all of this, what troubles me most is how I feel discriminated against. Since 2004, I have had people do much worse to my organization over the years and Usana did nothing about it. I find it ironic where one of my previous leaders joined Monavie (which was started by Dallin Larsen, an ex-Usana Corporate staff) and then raided and even traveled directly to my leaders, defaming Usana and it’s associates in hopes of recruiting them. I saw my organization get raided, as Usana did nothing about it. On top of that, that person was still receiving Usana commissions as they were performing this act. In the end, that person recently returned and was one of the main speakers at the Healthy Home Revisited Event in Long Beach. I cannot help but feel an unfair treatment. Then I find out what happened to Lynn Allen Johnson. For her to just hear another opportunity over the phone with her family, and then hearing the actions that Usana took against her afterwards definitely troubles me.


As it stands, I have still been promoting Usana and have been actively getting customers. I am aware that in the policies, someone can be actively building in two companies. I, as well as many others, have been promoting the Usana product lines that Ariix has shown no interest to compete in. If Usana is stating that a choice needs to be made where we cannot promote two companies, then it will put many people in an awkward position. Ariix has expressed that we can promote both. If Usana does not feel the same, I could imagine the decision many could make due to that.


While I explore opportunities now and in the future, can you please give me exact clarity on how an individual can build in multiple companies without the alleged policy violation? I have worked very hard for many years to build a customer base, as well as building many leaders for Usana. As you know, I am not new to the industry; even when joining Usana, many teammates decided to come with me. According to the policies, I understand that I will no longer be qualified for elite bonus or leadership pay when I enroll in Ariix. I look forward to your written response in regards to moving forward in a positive manner.


Best Regards,

Duke Tubtim



It is hard for me to understand why Usana would send a termination letter to Duke 6hrs after he was trying to work things out, considering that he has devoted 7 years of his life representing this company and bringing Usana a lot of profit! How does it make sense that in 6hrs you can decide the future of someone that helped build this company?


I spent most of my time in this company being mentored by him.  And I believe Duke had many leaders that learned to be financially independent through his mentorship! What is the future of these leaders without Duke? It upsets me that by terminating him, I feel this company will be doing more damage to itself in a long run.


Duke is irreplaceable!