An anonymous person inquired about Liver Cleansing:

Liver Cleansing?


I assume the reason you have inquired about liver cleansing is
that you have been diagnosed with liver problems. So here we
are. Ready and willing to cleanse the liver? Look again. You can
begin taking a tincture which is designed to cause the liver to
expell more garbage then usual and you will/may get some results
from this tincture, however, and not according to what your
most popular new age healing rags (or people) will desire to

IT ALL STARTS BELOW (Colon, rear end)!

Another footnote: To think one can simply cleanse a body part or organ
is novel but only partially true, sure you can affect them just as they
have been affected so far but you must remember: It took x amount of
time to get that body part (or organ) to be in its current state and
will most likely, under normal conditions, take at least that long to
get to an optimal state. That is why "normal" will not work. Once there
is a problem in the body one must go for a stronger course of action.

To think one can optimally affect ones health without the following,
is completely ridiculous, given what we know today:

1. Excercise program - And not only a casual excercise which is easy to
do on a daily basis, that is great for maintenance but not for retroactive
work, affecting a diseased limb or organ. The excercise must be
demanding, at least enough to maintain a good sweat for 45 minutes to an
hour (most physicians will agree on this for heart patients as well).
It is better if the excercise uses some brain power, or all of your frontal
concentration (like having to continually think about posture, breath,
gaze, locks (internal like from Yoga), etc...), which leads us to point #2.

2. Mental Discipline - The mind will need to be conditioned to be able
to keep up the regimen which leads to affect the health condition, there
is no other way. You cannot simply "begin" to do a program without continual
preparation, you will FAIL! The mental discipline of Ashtanga Yoga (the
version from Pattabhi Jois) combined the mental facilities in such a way,
there are other Yogas which do this as well, however, they may not push
you hard enough or be sweaty enough to make the difference.

3. Diet - The third in our series. Diet is not to be looked at as a
thing you "go on". It must be seen as: How do I feel right now and what
is the best thing for me to consume at this time given what I know, what
I can research, and how I feel, and so forth...EVERY TIME YOU EAT. This
must be followed for at least a year, noting divergencies when they
occur (yes, you must break the pattern or your mind can go nuts!). You
should do this gradually, as you are stronger from the excercise and
increased mental discipline (above). General guidelines for diet:

1. Eat real food - If it is alive and raw, if it was alive and has been
cooked, if it was once alive and has not been processed, if it was alive
has been processed, if it is synthetically produced. Those are the basics.
Some argue that meat from living beings (animals) are a detriment to health,
others argue that it is necessary for some "types" to consume meat. And
their are other fanatical examples on both sides. You must find your way,
and allow it to change as it will (because the reason you are starting this
is to affect some change in your body in the first place) as the course

2. Raw food - Try to eat more raw food, try to get to 60-80% raw in your
general diet. Organic is far better. Understand organic. Get to the point
where you can tell the difference by smelling or tasting a fruit or
vegetable. Do not consume only raw in the beginning unless you have the
mental discipline to deal with the radical shift of energy in your body,
most do not.

3. More water - And more liquids in general. They flush your system. Get
a juicer and use it, juice everything organic. This point cannot be
stressed enough, you will read a bit about it later.

4. Less or no processed foods - Like the Passover diet. Cooking is a
process. So, when you eat cooked food, try to eat food which was not
processed before it was cooked, because that usually renders it into
a category of being harder to digest then the other food you could
have had. Remember, you don't have to eat everything.

My recommended course of cleansing is as follows (for a diseased liver):

1. Go ahead and take the Liver cleanse tincture but at the same time:

        a. Start an excercise program - 3 times a week minimum, 5
        is preferred, remember, you do not want to be in "normal"
        mode, you need more sooner change then that.
        b. Start Superfood to give your body nutrients, you will need
        to use organic apple juice and/or the organic fruit/vegetable
        juice of your choice.
        c. Start Colon cleanse - The colon is the center of health in
        the body. If you do not use the restroom (rear exit) regurlarly
        then you need to concentrate on getting regular. This is
        really the first step but also needs to be considered with
        point a, otherwise you will not have the strength or push to
        deliver it out the back door!

        a, b & c are really to prep. you to do a proper liver cleanse.
        You should begin all of them immediately at the same time
        as #1, consuming the liver cleaner. This should be done for
        at least a month (drop the liver cleaner after a few days to
        a week, it won't do enough anyways until the colon is really
        getting clean).

        The goal here is regular bowel movements, two to three times
        a day, and you can affect the quality by eating and that affect
        will happen within 24-48 hours. This can be explained in more


Order everything on this page:

The Echnianea comes in handy for low periods, it can help to
train your mind as well.

Order this, it is the liver cleaner:

And them for their catalog (call them do not try to order on their site)
and any/all free literature you can get them to send you.

The recommended Yoga (if that is the excercise you choose) is in this

1. Ashtanga Yoga with Eddie Stern, Mysore traditional style.
2. Kundalini - As taught by Yogi Bahjan (the people with white
Turbins teach this).
3. Anusara - You may be able to find this around, it is a good
balance of flow with alignment, you may do well to do this for
a few months and then switch to Ashtanga but I don't think that
is necessary.

There are others but remember to get one that causes you to actively
sweat for an hour and do it more then 3 times per week.

Let me know how it goes.