This is an attempt to outline and discuss the different "systems" and "methods" I have used to "expiriment" on my Body, Mind & Soul. They are listed in expirential order (as I used them) with some being out of place for lack of memory and no diary, and to keep sections aligned. The order is not meant to suggest importance, or any objectivity only the timeline for when I was exposed to each thing.


        Astanga - http://www.ayri.org
        Iyengar - Paul Cabanis & the Iyengar Institute
            Bryan Kest - http://www.poweryoga.com
            Steven Earth - http://www.yogas.com
            Peter Barnett - http://www.yogas.com
        Kundalini - As taught by Yogi Bhajan - http://www.goldenbridgeyoga.com
          Yoga Classes
             Sada Sat Singh
             Sada Sat Kaur
        Dr. Richard Schultze - Intestinal/Liver Cleanse, Kidney/Gall Bladder Cleanse
        Dr. Cynthia Foster, M.D. - Cleanses, Remedial Herbology
    Korean Medicine
        Dahnhak - Physical exercise, Qi Gung & meditation.
    Chinese Medicine
          Jul 16, 2003 - Reiki as an all around toner has helped a lot, I can now feel its affect when I take it.
    Thai Massage & Reflexology
            Siddha Yoga - http://www.syda.org
            Yogananda - SRF
            Sahdana - As taught by Yogi Bhajan
            Glen Agni - Has a small meditation group in North Hollywood. Hold two main teachers dear:
                Rama - Notes show that Rama, Dr. Frederick Lenz was previously a Sri Chinmoy follower who decided to claim his stake with his own brand of practices. Trained people in Computer Science and Martial Arts and got them to give generous sums in exchange for ongoing instruction in meditation & his brand of Buddhism.
            Sahdana - With Mark Griffin - http://www.hardlight.org
            Zen - In High School I went to a silent retreat for a few days. In Little River Mendocino.
            Khandakapala - http://www.meditateinla.org
             Shambala Center - It's different, eyes are open for the sitting meditation, concentration is on
                breath at nostrils. With walking meditation between, interesting.
    Reiki Tummo
    Sat Nam Rasayan

    Family Remedies:

1. Headache - Kundalini yoga, stretch pose, and the one with just the head up.
2. Fever - Peppermint Oil, Tea Tree Oil. Dr. Cynthia Foster.
3. Earache - Olive Oil with fresh Garlic. Noah Williams, Ashtanga Yoga instructor.


May 25, 2003 - A Chiropractor who prefers to be called a healer at the juice bar - Background - he had given me a great expose about fascia the linings over the muscles saying that they are what need to be addressed in the case of most "muscle" issues and not simply stretching or positioning the muscles, yada yada yada... So today I told him: "I no longer dance, I shake my fascia, I no longer practice Yoga, I stretch my fascia...". "Hold it", he said, "Yoga is dangerous to the fascia", I looked at him, "because it puts you into compromising positions and then back again and the fascia really never gets to adjust to the adversity, I think it should only be used for meditation, I don't know how it ever got to become the latest excercise craze!", I didn't ask what "compromising positions" he thought he was talking about but I did say: "Hmmm, that's similar to what the Guru says", now he said, "You must have a great Guru!".

Jul 16, 2003 - After a few days of working conciously to relax my right hip I am finding some relaxation there, but it is not yet complete. It seems Sat Nam Rasayan with intention to relax works substantially as well as sitting and imagining the opening. I really miss group meditation, I missed Sahdana at Golden Bridge this morning, I will try to get to bed earlier to make it there tomorrow. My wife gave the baby (Neshama) olive oil and garlic in the ear today without me saying anything.